2017-11-22 00:24:52

Hello and thank you for viewing my game. My name is Kevin Williams and I am a student at the University of Baltimore. This is a game I designed for my audio only game class. The narrative of the game is simple, you have to navigate a maze using sounds as way of navigation while also listening to a voice in your head that will try to lead you to the beast and thus your death.
To navigate simply use the arrow keys (note: they are also in a problematic stage) The maze was designed after reviewing several tutorials.

Frankly, however, if working on the game I suffered several setbacks and problems that are extremely noticeable. I am well aware of them and for some player, if not all, playing will be difficult and frustrating. I will be working a way to rectify these errors, hopefully without having to start from scratch.

I thank you for any advice you have.

  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZK3h3x … sp=sharing

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2017-11-22 01:08:41

Please compile the game, no exe file to run the game.

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2017-11-22 17:10:58

@other mods: should we possibly move these prototype games into new releases/general or should we keep them here for a smaller circle of feedback?

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