2017-11-12 14:26:34

You arrive in your current location, in the year 1800. You have whatever is on you at the time, and a modern smartphone with an everlasting battery and access to the internet of today.
To keep to the spirit of the thing, assume that your location is relative to the Earth, so you don't wind up in the middle of space. If you'd wind up dangerously far above ground, or under the ground, or inside of a solid object, assume your location is conveniently adjusted to the nearest location with enough open space at ground/floor/roof/tree level.
Easy mode: You know in advance when this will happen, and have time to prepare.
Hard mode: It happens without warning, right about now-ish.
Medium mode: Same as hard mode, except the moment of transition is at the most convenient within the past or next 50 days. For example, you're on your way home from the nearest holiday feast, so if you wind up in the middle of the wilderness, you're not going to starve right away, and are wearing / carrying what you normally would while traveling today.

What happens next?

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2017-11-12 14:56:49

Living in Poland in 1800 would suck... For starters, Poland didn't even exist in 1800 after literarly getting torn into 3 pieces occupied by Prussia, Austria and Russia respectively in prior years. So, I would predict that someone would take the internet enabled phone I arrived with, and eventually figure it out. This would lead to them being able to predict the future and all of the uprisings that were coming up. If they convinced the higher ups that this is indeed true, those uprisings would probably get prevented leading to Russia becoming a superpower with less conflict then it actually took. That is unless the situation didn't result in tearing of the spacetime continuum first. big_smile

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2017-11-12 16:14:11

I would most likely be put in jail for having a mobile device.

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2017-11-12 16:18:29

I'm at my parents' house In Nottingham at the moment. This is bad for me since it used to be a stone quarry, and since I'm upstairs in my bedroom, I probably would fall quite a ways downwards onto very rough stones, even if the relative position of the earth was the same big_smile.

I'd be slightly better off  at our new house in Newark, because the house actually existed in 1800, apparently it used to be a shop, though what kind of shop exactly I'm not certain.
Assuming lack of broken limbs, it would probably depend upon whether I could use my singing abilities to actually get ahead. I would have the advantage of knowing what would! be popular a good 40 or 50 years in the future, not to mention knowing a few of what would then have been latest hits, I'd however have the major disadvantage  that the music hall tradition didn't really get started for another 30 years or so, meaning I'd be stuck on where! to actually get a start performing, especially in the comparatively sleepy midlands.

If worst came to worst, as a visually impared person without much by way of practical skills other than singing, I would probably end up in the workhouse, which would be pretty grim indeed.

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2017-11-12 20:33:24

Well my house, and the whole city... Actually I don't even think any of canada existed back then, so well, I'd just be sitting in th middle of nowhere...

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2017-11-13 13:44:44

A most interesting topic. As for me, I'm in north wales at the moment, so lots of slate mining back then.
I'm also with dark on this one. As a musician, it would be rather tricky to find employment in this area and point in time, especially as someone who doesn't speak welsh!!!
Even worse is the fact that my Uni won't be founded for almost a century, so guess I can say goodbye to my degree smile
Looking forward to seeing what this topic generates.


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2017-11-13 14:24:45

Ah Daniel at least I win there, my uni was in existence at that point so I still have a degree and indeed a masters. Then again since my subject of study was ethics and back in 1800 ethics was obsessed with duty and the sort of humanistic, desire basedstuff I do didn't come up until at least 150 years later I'd probably be at least a bit screwed academically big_smile.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2017-11-13 15:03:14 (edited by raven 2017-11-13 15:22:40)

Open phone. Copy text of first post. Make a new post on r/askreddit, with the title of this topic and the text of the first post. Wait.

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2017-11-13 15:35:00

I simply don't know what I would do with out everything from internet connection to my sticky lazer lol. Well, I guess that I would work for some random tyrkish person or at least can teach them how to make a broken ak47 lol
So, I shurely wouldn't like to have something like that happen mto me. big_smile

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2017-11-13 17:15:36

If I will be in 1800, I will know one of our kings, I will make a picture with him and I will post on the actual facebook.
After that, I will try to get a house or something like that, a good life and new friends.

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2017-11-13 18:09:24

I think my house was a farm back then. I don't really know. I might be put to work milking cows or something that is if I'm not declared to be mentally impaired. I would probably try to help build the Psychology field with my background knowledge in it. That is if anyone would take a blind person seriously. Oh yeah and I'd also be broke so it would be tough for sure.

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2017-11-15 15:46:25

I'd basically do what Raven did.  Also, I'd download a bunch of history books on the time period I was left in, study the events, and hopefully profit from them! smile

I came up with another prompt that I thought might be interesting.  If a person was given this exact prompt 300 years in the future, except instead of being transported to  1800, it was 2017, what would their response be?

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2017-11-15 23:23:41

well I would have an everlasting battery on my brand new moto e-4 phone and internet, somehow. because this is stated in the first post. So this would effect what I would do. And I would dramatically change history. first I would seek out the top scientists of the day along with very important people in the United States at the time. I would then show them videos, very realistic-looking-videos having to do with the borg and people being assimilated from star trek shows. I would also show them videos about warp drive and other star trek tech. I'd also happen to be carrying my android tablet and a 3d printer with me in a backpack at the time. When meeting with people even if I could not gain access to the important people of the day, I'd show regular people the 3d printing technology and would ask them to greatly improve upon it. I would inspire them by telling them that if they did not improve upon their technology quickly, forget about the upcoming world wars, yes I'd tell them about world war 1 and world war2 and so on but I would tell them that it is because of the world wars and people not acting fast enough that it's because of these things that about a year after world war1 that all of humanity is assimilated by the borg. So the scientists of the day would hopefully watch the videos on the star trek technology and would believe that it's needed to defend against the borg, klingons and romulans. I bet people in 1800 would think the videos were real and in my time only  a few escape the borg romulan alliance and the distruction of humanity in 2005 or so. So anyway they'd study my technology and in a panic they'd improve upon it. Then when I'd find a way to return to my own time I would be living in a world with fantastic new technologies. all because I went back in time to 1800  and would successfully convince the people of that time that they must pull together and work as a world united to come up with ways to combat the threat of the borg, romulans and klingons.

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2017-12-01 14:59:34

I would get as far away from where I live now as possible, because within my lifetime (assuming I have a natural lifespan, which given the absence of modern medicine would obviously be much less likely) most of the people here would be massacred. Not sure where I would go though, probably find somewhere where europeans wouldn't reach in my lifetime. Lol I would probably go west and join a band of san or something, might be the safest place to get away from all the wars that went down back then. But yeah the 1800s was generally not a particularly good part of our history so it would be hard. Hey but maybe with the internet, and if I had time to prepare and I could bring modern weapons, I could find people and we could put up a fight. And definitely medical supplies (antibiotics, antiseptics etc). Oh and back then malaria was much more widespread and actually a thing where I live now so that would also be something to watch out for. So I guess mosquito nets etc would also help.
I'm curious how the people of the time would respond to that kind of technology. I'm pretty sure they would see it as something supernatural. And obviously with access to the internet you could predict what would happen when, well the major events that you can find historical records for anyway, and assuming it follows the same historical timeline besides for what changes due to your interventions. It would be fascinating to actually live and experienced how people back then lived, although I suspect it would get old quick and it wouldn't take long for me to want to get back to the modern world. If anything it would certainly make you appreciate what we have now

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2017-12-02 05:28:44

Oh yes, any sort of modern tech would definitely be seen as supernatural, most likely an evil force of some sort. As a woman, I'd probably have to be especially careful of who I showed that technology to, because I'd probably be accused of being a witch or something. Then again, I also wonder how much the people of that time would be capable of understanding, since there were so many other discoveries before the internet was even thought of.

Where I am now would certainly be farmland in 1800, so I'm sure I'd spend my days harvesting crops and other such things. At least I'd have the entertainment provided by my phone at the end of a long workday.

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2017-12-06 04:39:32

Well, my apartments are built on what used to be a Ute camp ground, so they'd think I was an evil spirit or something. I would have to try and fit into their tribe because I could predict the future with my phone and maybe save the Native Americans from all of their suffering.


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