Hi . I have downloaded addictive drums V1.53 and extract the iso file. I copied the folder of the installer paste it in c:\program files\reaper\plugins. And after that, click the setup and I check the box that says vst check box not check. I copied addictive drums.dll and paste it to c:\program files\reaper\plugins. And I click AD_Library_Placer.exe. Now I open reaper and go to preferences and plugins and vst and rescan, but when I go to virtual instruments, addictive drums doesn't show up. Anything I haven't done correctly?

Now here's the instructions. I'll just post it here because I also have a question.

• You need a virtual drive to mount or burn the ISO file.

• Burn or mount the image.

• You should install the library at first.

• Uninstall previous versions.

• Install the Setup

            •  That's it! Done.
That part that it says you should install the library at first, I can't find a setup for the library. Because the only thing that I found in the installer folder is the info, the addictive drums that contains factory maps, factory presets, etc, but no setup for the library. But there's a thing called setup.exe. That's what I click to install addictive drums but as what I've said it's not working. Any help will be appreciated. Best regards.

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That doesn't sound like their typical installer, for their online in staller is generally unaccessible.

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Hey G Rad. Did you ever finish the AD2 accessibility project that you were working on, or did you hit a wall? Since I got a v-drumkit, I've been using the on-board sounds pretty much exclusively because I'm not at all happy with the way superior sounds. Compared to the TD's on-board kits, it sounds kind of grainy and weak. The cymbals are especially feeble. Always have to boost their volumes just to hear them over the rest of the mix. The hihat doesn't seem to trigger very smoothly, And the constant remapping is a pain. Was going to have a look at AD and just maybe use a simple clicking script to just flick through the presets. But it's quite a bit of money to shell out for something you can't really access. Think scripting it with my techniques would be difficult to say the least.

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What, exactly, is addictive, anyhow?

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