Hello everyone. So I have been struck with the idea wo write a game for Hosted Games. But, in reading the website, I found myself baffled by some of the concepts. If anyone here is an experienced Choicescript coder, I would be much obliged if you would give me some assistance, particularly with the choice blocks and indents.

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If you turn on tones for indentation in nvda's document formatting settings, you can easyly hear indents when you arrow over them. This might make it a little more clear. If you have any specific questions, I'd be glad to answer them. However, I can't write as well as the people who wrote the choice script guide, so that resource is probably the best place to learn. I also red about a choice script mailing list, might be worth checking out. Choice script is pritty similar to python when it comes to indents though, so more general places like this forum should also get you the information you need.

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In this blog post I outline some tips as a blind writer and I also tell you where to get software that can help with development.

https://blindjournalist.wordpress.com/2 … aby-steps/

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The Choice script forums are a good resource. The members there answer questions well. Go to www.choiceofgames.com and click forum.


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