Hi all. Hopefully replying is how you post an introduction. I'm John, live in the US, blind from birth, or so they tell me. I hate audio games, that's why I subscribed to a bunch of forums about them. No wait, what I meant to say is that I enjoy audio games, but that should be obvious. Let's see, what else? I play a bunch of instruments most people have never heard of, well here in the US anyway. I also play some that people have heard of, so it balances out in the end. Basically I know more about music from around the world, and mythology, and stuff like that than is probably good for one human being. I'm PA Dutch, don't worry nobody outside of Pennsylvania understands that, which means I occasionally say things like


Welcome to the forums Khomus, we're glad to have you with us.

- Aprone
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Hi everybody,
thanks a lot for the opportunity to introduce myself to your community.
My name is Barbara, I'm 36 years old, game enthusiast and as 1/2 of Lyorah Studios, I'm also the developer of an audio adventure game.
Joining this forum, I'd like to take a chance and discuss the challenges of developing an audio game in general and accessibility in specific with you.
Looking forward to swapping ideas with you,
Lyorah Studios


Welcome Barbara!  We're happy to have you here with us.  I encourage you to jump into a forum topic, or create your own, to pick the community's brain on this.  We have people from a wide spectrum of experience, as both players and developers, and people from a wide age range, hopefully giving you opinions and ideas from many different perspectives.

- Aprone
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Thank you very much for the warm welcome smile
I already have created a new topic and get a lot of valuable feedback. You guys are so amazing and I'm happy to be here.



Hi, Guys this is Jackson Jones, People usually calls me Jack, I joined this forum after getting a recommendation from my friends. I hope I will get good information related to games here.

Cheers & bye!


Welcome to the forum Jack.  What sorts of games are you looking for?  I'm sure you'll get some great recommendations once we know what kinds of games you enjoy playing.

- Aprone
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Hi everyone, lurker here finally ponying up and joining the audiogame crusade. I am making a fully visual game that has a very heavy audio focus for two reasons. One, it's a tracker dog rpg, and their hearing is nothing short of superhuman so the game audio has to be outstanding. Two, I'm a sound designer and it really allows me to play with some fun sound mechanics.

I have released a demo in the new releases section.

Super happy to be here, and you all have been so awesome so far. Aprone, I have been following your issues with Swamp's power surge and I don't know your background but if you get into any more projects I would love to offer any sound design or music you need.

Thanks everyone, again thrilled to be here and lets chat and get nerdy about some sound and/or games!


I forgot to mention: my game is fully visual but all the visuals are ornamental because scent dogs don't use their eyes at all. So, sighted people and blind people are playing the exact same game the same way.



this is the old introductions topic which served the forum for  very long time, right from 2004 to 2017. the topic is being kept around since it contains a large amount of history including the first posts by many well known members, however since we now have the new introductions system for users and a new topic, this topic is being retired.

The main introductions topic and the place new users should introduce themselves can be Found here

thanks for your time, and hello to members new and old.

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Hello, this is Aziz Alshemmari from Kuwait, I just made an account in here.