Hello everyone,
Well, it's been awhile since I've visited The Blind Geek Zone. Today, however, when I visit this site again, The Blind Cool Tech was missing from the website. Does anyone know what happen?

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What site is this? I wanna check it out.
There was a site called blindcooltech.com but nothing seemed to work, all the podcasts just gave 404 arrors.

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I think that that potcast was done for before a very long time. Sadly it's obviase that nobody is keeping archives of all episodes.

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if i remenber correctly there is a site called "blind geek zone" whih has al the episodes of blind cool tech as an archive. I think there is even a bt sync folder but i don't have the key.

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Rick from the Blind Geek Zone was hosting the files, but he ran out of money so took the files down to save costs from extra server space.

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Is the BT Sync folder still around, though? If it is, I think I have the key backed up somewhere.

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@Chris, Thanks for your clarify. @Turtlepower, I can't use the BTSync at the moment, because I got a small of 128GB SSD on my Mac. Anyway, thanks though.

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