how would you do it like a video and people watch and comment?

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sure.  I'd watch/participate, depending on time.

I do have a few questions:
1.  How can I land on planets covered by shielding?  I want to explore them.
2. How can I raise skills?  I know mining/exploring are the obvious ones.
3.  how can I find, say, something to give me more FTL range?  I'd requisission it but don't have the creds or know what to search for.
4. How on earth do people find blueprints?

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5.  WHy are all the mission categories empty all the time?
and finally 6.  What do I have to do to get notified when my light drive is fully charged?  I feel like I'd turn that on if possible.  It took me 3 days to jump 200 ly because I simply forgot about it for four hours....i'd not mind a way to notify me of light charge full

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It sounds like a Q&A stream might me in order then, it will most likely be in the evening for the GMT timezone. To answer your questions Merin.

1: You cannot land on planets with shields, you'll either need to use bombardment weapons or mercenaries (unlock at level 20) to destroy the shield.
2: You raise skills by your character either reading or by performing the tasks. So if you want to improve your fighter skill you would need to engage in combat more often, for craftsmanship you would need to craft weapons or equipment etc...
3: You can either craft an overcharger or what for a merchant to sell one.
4: Blueprints can be bought at merchants.
5: The missions are shared between all players and are a commodity in themselves, they are also limited by factors such as your hold size, the distance and skills - depending on the mission.
6: This has been requested by a few different players, so is something we will look into.

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Enjoying the game, so far.. An idea just poped into my head and I'd like to share it..
Do you guys think it would be good to add npc crews to ships? These would work as a sort of resource like rations.. They would be used to opperate larger ships and to explore other planets (as in, you send the crew down and receive say hourly reports of whatever they find).
How does that sound? Alsso, you'd need to keep your crew happy by feeding and entertaining them.

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hey i just seen that there's a new facebook messenger IOS update. has anyone got it and have the remaining accessibility issues been fixed? I've heard that they certainly are better than they were am just wondering about the rest of them?

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By what I've understood your idea, it is the same as mercenaries, and it is unlockable at level 20. However, there is certainly no reference to mercenaries that would explore individual planets on landing. However, since I am not na admin of the game, I cannot guarantee that there is no exploring mercenary. Anyway, here is the link to the information:
https://textspaced.zendesk.com/hc/en-us … 5000963174
I would certainly like to join the Q&A, after being informed about its date and time. Thanks in advance!

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We've scheduled our live Q&A this Saturday at 8PM BST. Hopefully we'll be able to answer all of your questions.

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for those that may not be able to attend could someone summerise the q&a afterwards and post it here?

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Hi Darren,

Facebook stores live videos as normal videos after they are broadcast, so you should be able to listen back if you like.

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hi guys...
I think I am stuck on a wierd bug,.
so I went to check my status on the computer menu, and hit cancel button after that, but the game do not return me to the main ship menu. so, now, everytime I hit cancel, or type something, those  stats are keep comeing, makeing it kindda spammy, haha

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I am not sure if this will work for you, but when I was experiencing a bug that dealt with the game's main menu, typing helm_enter would help, as suggested to me when I submitted a bug report directly in the game's page:

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ah thanks!

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Holy shit. I just stumbled on a major bug. I requested my stats in settings and now messenger is just sending them over and over in a constant loop. Help?


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try typing helm_enter?
I was on that loop too

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Hi all,

Hopefully you should be all broken out of your loops now. Ever since the Facebook outage we have issues with loops and repeating messages that appear to occur at random to random people. We are working with Facebook to try and solve the issue.

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Hello, I think I found a bug.
I was able to build an hideout.. I was transfering some cargo, when sudenly, my game just got back to the main menu.. I wasn't able to dock with my hideout because it said a ship was already there. Not just that but I can't access any other menues. So I can't mine, can't access the settings, among other things. Could you please help me?

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Did you try using the "helm_enter" option as an alternative to access the menus? As a user's point of view, this is the help I can give. As for reporting bugs, how about doing it in the official channel for it, since they can look for reports more quickly there?

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Hi caio,

You didn't respond to our support ticket - can we assume the issue is now resolved?

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