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Hi guys, just a quick question. Has anyone heard of King of Dragon Pass or experimented with it to see if it's playable with a screen reader? I'm trying to find out whether it'd be suitable to recommend as a purchase to someone with low vision.

The gameplay is mostly reading text and making decisions, but I'm not sure if a reader would even recognize it or how navigable some of the other UI elements might be.

e: have a feeling sending out exploration parties will be the dealbreaker, even if everything else works fine hmm

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Hi Atgnat.
Oh yes, king of dragon pass is very accessible with VoiceOver on the iPhone. In fact it is so accessible that there is a database entry for it on this website right here . To turn VoiceOver on go to settings, then general, than accessibility, and tap VoiceOver to turn it on. They really made an effort to make this accessible to the blind community, it's probably one of the few rpgs accessible for iOs besides solara .

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Agreed on that King of dragon pass is an exceptional game with extremely good accessibility, though I will warn that if your new to  navigating the interface can be rather interesting.

You can find out more here on the King of dragon pass database page which also includes a link to a getting started podcast by, ---- well me, which was intended to cover some of the things you need to get used to in Kodp both in terms of gameplay and in terms of the interface.

for first time Vo users though, there  textual games that are easier to navigate. The choiceofgames and hosted games titles for example, also A dark room  it's sequel The ensign, not to mention the similar game nano empire, indeed I'd strongly recommend adr and it's sequel just on rpg grounds.
There is also the extremely good time crest as well as several other real time story based games that might be fun to try out, though timecrest is probably the most rpg like.

Lastly, There are also the adventure to fate games, which have extremely good vo support, but again navigation can be somewhat interesting, and I'm not sure how vo support is going currently with some of the updates to the interface.


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