[wow], sounds amazing already. I am excited regarding the update, sounds incredibly massive.

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a new unit type could be healers or for normal humans medicals, wich could help if Units are just wounded or ill, but wich could be helped with some medical care and such.

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Another Suggestion wich could be cool are Quest and/or missions with more than one task to complete in the quests. The Tasks could be dynamic or in certain quests may chaned together for Story purposes, others could Change with random Events and situations.

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Another Suggestion is, if not already in there, that some Fantasy creatures have there own skills and attacks. Dragons for example could let out a Long flame, short Bursts of fire or fire balls and such, other Monsters could have ice blasts and such. BTW: @wastelander: do you meant my Suggestion for catapults and such when you said that you don't want to add things wich are to technical? I made this Suggestion because Shooting weapons and explosives existed even in medival times. Maybe especially for the humans as race, like other races could have Magic help in the future? What do you think about it?

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@wastelander: Have you recieved my donation? I sent it via PayPal cause I want to support your hard work a bit more.

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Hi Niklas!

I got the email yesterday, thank you so much for the support, It means the world and definitely made my day! smile

I'm almost done on the update now, just hammering out some final parts of it, taking so much longer than I planned but it's getting there!

I know you'll love it though!

Also been noting down these suggestions on my list! smile

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Fantastic. It makes me happy to hear about the progress of the update and I am very glad that donations help and are so well recieved. I think to develop such a program is very complex and a hard and time consuming work, wich is even quite costly at times in regards to money, esspecialy for one person only and that should be rewarded in my opinion.

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Well it means the world, you've always had tons of suggestions too and to be honest, to open the forums and see people talking about the game and still being interested in it is the most motivating thing, and the update is so big it's getting out of hand, the changelog at the moment contains over 300 new additions

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Over 300 new additions already? [wow], that will be an incredible Thing.

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