The field of cache coherence has been a topic of scientific interest to certain collectives for a long time now. A couple of years ago, after much deliberation, Guillem León (@guilevi2000 on Twitter) and I decided to start investigation on methods of evaluation of said cache coherence. The resulting scientific paper can be read here.
Thank you so much for reading. Leave your thoughts below!

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[wow]. I have stopped reading after a while because I did find it a bit confusing, but I'm impressed that you've done something like this. Seems very well put together.

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Shame my brain is not as technical as I once thought it was; I just discovered that even science can break a philosophical mind like mine.

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I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed! I am studying Theoretical Computer Science, and I had some difficulty in following the formality with which some ideas were expressed in this paper. To be fair, I've never really looked into the area of cache coherence. This subfield, as I understand it, is an extension of the study of parallelism. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I was only able to do some slight reading on the subject. I have to ask, how did you become interested in this? Is it an assignment, or are you legitimately interested in documenting and formalizing an associated experiment?

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Dear god, this is amazing.
While I was reading I was just awed.
Can I ask how you got interested in this field?
Oh also, will you be releasing any future papers too?

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I love it guys, this is amazing. Certainly the fact that the Local Area Networks were the idea behind the Partition Table deployment... This is something I would have never thought of but we certainly need to start putting more thought into. Your method will certainly make our lives easier. Thank you!

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arjan weren't you one of the subjects that worked with the Japanese System administrator F. Wu and this new method? How was it? Could you compare both methods for us?

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