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Today, I am introducing a new blog. It is called Blindness Awareness and More. As a blind teenager, I created this blog to raise awareness to the sighted community. Some people in the sighted community understand about blindness. What I am trying to do is to spread the message about blindness. For example, people will ask, "How do you even text if you can't see?" Well, I will not repeat myself. Instead, I will send them a link to a blog post on my blog. We, the blind community, should all be advocates. If you want to send me feedback about my blog, you can email me at [email protected] You can also send me any accessibility suggestions too.
Here is a link to my blog.

I also created a Facebook page at
You can also follow me on Twitter at

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HMM, sounds interesting. I'll check it out.

You can follow me on Twitter or add me on Facebook.

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I like the blog, and will read it when I have some time.

As you ask people on the main page of your blog to point out any accessibility issues with the website, I will point out one I have found.

This is a very small issue really, but it is considered inaccessible to give a link the text "click here" because if a person with disability were navigating the page by links or displaying a list of links, the link title "click here" does not reveal anything at all about the page that the link points to. Just so I can back up what I am saying with the official documentation concerning it, I have included this link for reference: http://www.w3.org/TR/UNDERSTANDING-WCAG … -refs.html This is not the official guideline, but information explaining it.

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This looks good so far. I agree with the last poster. The link "Click here" doesn't give any meaningful information if someone is moving link by link. It only makes sense if you read it in the context of the sentence it is placed in.

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good, i'll check it out

Wish You Best Gaming All!

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The click here link is fixed. Thanks for your feedback.

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I updated this topic. The links should work now.

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Since this topic was brought up again, what's the big deal about click here links? If it's a security issue, just hit your applications key, copy the link's location, open a text editor, and inspect it. Sure, that might be a few extra steps, but you can never be too cautious nowadays. Maybe if people would do this more often, rather than blindly following a breadcrumb trail wherever it takes them, we'd have fewer malware and ransomware infections.

I'm sorry, for some reason the fact that click here, which I've seen on pretty much every website under the sun to some degree or another since about 1999 when I began using computers, was flagged as an accessibility issue, struck me as hilarious. In 1999, I was 10, and I did follow pretty much any link, including all kinds of shady ads, which I immediately regretted, not least because my parents would blame me for the stuff that would inevitably pop up on the screen after such adventures. Especially on a blog, isn't the point to read the content? Who just scrolls through links on a blog, unless they're looking for something specific, which they would have known about on a previous visit? I seriously do not understand this logic at all. I might not have come down so hard on it had it not been flagged specifically as an accessibility issue. From a usability standpoint, it's what I would classify as a minor annoyance, but really? An accessibility issue would be something like an auto refreshing page, unlabelled graphics, links that are unable to be activated by a screen reader, etc. But definitely not something as mundane as a phrase that has been used all over the internet since its inception.

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right. I would have to agree with post 8. What I do is to press the apps key or shift f10 on the link I am not sure about, and then copy its location and read the clipboard content with NVDA. It comes in really handy . And if you are too lazy to be cautious in that manner, then by all means install uBlock Origin and activate all of its filters. At least it will save you from a lot of trouble and its constantly updated. If the link is a shortened link you can always use things like www.unshorten.it to know where they go
you are so so so very much welcome

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I agree with Turtlepower on this one. To me to be honest "click here" isn't a major deal simply because it's usually fairly easy to hit the "read line" key in whatever screen reader your using and find out what here" actually is.

I do try! when writing news posts or the db to write "click here to go to such and such" in the main body of the link,, but I will confess I sometimes forget simply because of the clunky nature of language, since sometimes you don't want to write a sentence like "click here to go to audiogames.net"
And would prefer to use a sentence like "audiogames.net is a really awesome website, you can find it right here"

And after all, this is a blog and you want people to mmmmm, read it?

The only time I have found "click here" a miner pest is when I'm reading a very long article with several "click here" links in it, and then when I go back to find a specific one, but even then I just use the find function in my screen reader to find whatever the sentence the "click here" occurred in and tab from there.

Still its your blog and feel free to format as you want.

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Here is my latest blog announcement.
https://blindnessawarenessandmoreblog.w … hone-call/

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I updated the logo. It should be accessible now, thanks to WordPress Support for helping me.

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