Hmm, so much for confirmations.

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at MikeFont
Yes that is the latest version.
You have to learn how does the sonar work. I know it's a bit hard though when you found the trick, That map will be nothing. Because if things are not around you, Of course they are below you, or above you and in this case, Sonar comes to help us.

Be careful that what you're saying, Just a word Can break your personality!

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Rory wrote:

Yeah shooting would be cool, but it might turn it into an ultrapower type thing if we do that. I mean, that game was fun, but that was discontinued, and if that were to happen another good game could go down and I really don't want this to happen. I quite enjoy this, its different and fun.
Regarding the camera on long jerny though, I know there's a haserd thing at 4 0 but jumping it seems to be impossible. How do I get around this. Also how does sonar work? Can't quite figure that out.

I never get this kind of argument. Why something that was made before cant be made again. Plus, Ultrapower lived for a very long time, and sadly all things have an end, so had ultrapower, but that doesn't meen that Mason should start something like that again. More over I would very mutch like this, practicly exploration game and a shooting side scroller in one game.
I hardly ever use the sonar on that map. use camera all around you, that first level is quite easy. And, as I have said, it's very easy comparing to other maps. Same for stares pro. Also use the spier, it's shift plus errows. It basicly says everything that's there. I often jump and use it constantly to see is there a platform a little bit higher.

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Going ragequit will lead you nowhere, just stay away from the game for a few weeks and when you come back, you will realize that it's fun and it's not a good idea showing publicly that you went ragequit.
Also, give me a thumbs up, that keep me motivated to do stuf, even If I cant do any stuf.

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