Hi all,
Since many people keep asking which programming language is best for writing an audio game, I've created a list of popular audio games with their programming languages for which I know in what language they're written. That way, you may come to a conclusion which language is widely used among audio game developers and what games are running faster or slower with that particular language. If you need to correct me or add a game for which I don't know in which language is written, just do it here.
List of games written in BGT:
Blastbay Perrilous hearts
Blastbay Palace Punch Up:
All VGStorm games including Manamon
All by oriolgomez including Rhythm Rage
Tube Sim
Survive the wild
Super Egg Hunt
List of games written in C++ (C Plus Plus):
Blastbay Q9
Blastbay Kringle Crash
Blastbay Jungle
Top Speed 3
Quentin C's Gameroom
List of games written in HSP (Hot Soup Processor):
Most japanese games including BK3 and Shadow Line
List of games written in C# (C Sharp):
3D Velocity
List of games written in Visual Basic (VB6):
BSC Troopanum, Hunter, Pipe2
GMA Shades of Doom, GTC
L-works Super Liam and older L-Works titles
List of games written in Python:
Undead Assault
Sound RTS
RS Games client
Now I came to a conclusion that audio game devs really likeBGT and VB6, and supprisingly, not too much written in C++, but may be I'm wrong.

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Here is another one for BGT:
Obsessive Compulsive

Here are more for the VB6 category:
Most (or possibly all) of Jim Kitchen's games
Castaways 2
Daytona and the Book of Gold
Dog who Hates Toast
Paw Prints
Puzzle Divided (not sure if this game is worth mentioning though)
Towers of War
Triple Triad

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BGT: Most of the Darkfleer titles.
C++: Last Crusade, the YugiOh game at tardis.pw.
One more for Python: DMNB (the new version; the old version was written in PureBasic).
JavaScript: Cyclepath, most of the old PB Games except TicTacToy that was written in C++.
PureBasic: Death Match - Project Alpha, DragonPong, RTR, March Massacre, Slender, AngelGift I think.
VB¨6: Freedom Millionaire.
AutoIt: Operation Blacksquare, ScapeSkate.
Flash: Audiodisk, The Blind Swordsman.
Game Maker (not sure if that's the correct name): Braillemon.
When I remember more I'll post.

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Hrvoje wrote:

List of games written in C++ (C Plus Plus):
Blastbay Q9

This is in bgt.

Hrvoje wrote:

Blastbay Kringle Crash
Blastbay Jungle

These too, I think.

Hrvoje wrote:

Top Speed 3
Quentin C's Gameroom

The gameroom is written in python, not C++. This uses wxwidgets or pywin32, I am not sure what of these for the UI ...

The rest is correct I think.


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I'm fairly sure the Gameroom is written in C++. Quentin hasn't really done much in python afaik, he started with Java and then moved to C++ and javascript as well as a bit of Lua for scripting and UI creation with IUP in some of his other programs.

Another big release for BGT is Crazy Party. For C#, you can add Ian Read's tactical battle.

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I'm 100% sure that Q9 and Kringle crash are written in C++ according to interview with Philip. He started with C++ after discontinuing PBGames and Q9 was written before BGT was released. He even said that he was using some code from Q9 to build BGT.
Jungle is also written in C++ because Philip clearly stated it in a forum post in a Jungle topic.

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I confirm that the windows client of the playroom is written totally in C++. There is no lua or whatever else, only C++. I'm using Win32 API directly for the GUI.

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Tactical Battles also uses the dot net framework, I mention it because I've always seen it written as C# .net.
Also Top speed 3 is coded in Ruby, I'm pretty sure it's the only audio game that is, in fact, at least so far.
As far as I can tell audio quake is written in pearl, that may not be the main language used in it though.
Don't forget Dark Defender and Cyclepath, they are using Java script, with the Electron engine to emulate chrome, and something about a Web API for the online version, sorry I'm not a programmer, those are really interesting though because you can even apparently play them on the XBox1 and touchscreen devices, at least for Cyclepath.
Also all of the old PB games stuff, I think they used Java script, I believe it was version 6.
A blind legend is coded in unity.
You forgot Redspot and Bloodshed, both BGT.

It would be interesting to know what the Ticon Blue games are coded in, as well as Audio Game Hub for windows.
I also forget what The Wastes and Warsim are made with.

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Yes,, Electron is basically a custom version of Chrome, I can tell because of the references to Chromium in NVDA's logs, and the online version is using the Web Audio API.

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te tycon blu audiogames are written in c# and now for their new games they are using unity 3d

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i'm totally sure that top speed is written in C++
also bgt is written in C++
dragonflame game engine (which is not available now) was written in pure basic (its scripting language lua is written in ansi c)
all the kichensinc games were written in vb6
eurofly is written in delfi
scape scate is written in autoit
the blind sordsman is written in flash (action script)

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One of the newest games, The Blind Guide, was written in BGT as well. This just proves that BGT will not die so easily, although it's no longer maintained. Even VB6 is used nowadays which is years and years older than BGT, but it still works. So BGT will keep working as well, as long as Microsoft's DirectX components are compatible with Windows.

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Wasn't Grizzly Gulch written in Visual BASIC as well?

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Hi All.
Just to complete the titles I've developed, Tube Sim and Park Boss are both BGT. Dotris is C++.
Future games I write probably won't be in BGT, I think I’ve just about hit the limit of what's possible with it and I've found the lack of a true 3d sound engine to be a little restrictive.
BGT is a nice little environment but as with anything programming related you pick the tool for the type of application you’re coding. At work I code C++ on embedded systems so when I started Park Boss I thought I’d learn something new and BGT seemed like a good option. For Park Boss, which is mostly just 2d audio, BGT was perfect. For tube Sim I found myself working around the tool.

Dotris was C++ because the API I was using to drive the braille display was a native C++ API. I’m very familiar with C++, its been the day job for the last 13 years, and given a good set of audio libraries you can do some really good stuff with it, but it’s more a generalised language so there may be better choices. It’s quite good from a portability point of view if used well.

If I were advising a new programmer I definitely wouldn’t suggest vb6 or something that old. It hugely limits them in what they can do and something like BGT is a far better option for getting started in audio games. The new things being done with web technologies is fascinating.

Just some thoughts.

Nick Adamson.

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