Hello guys!

I know I already asked, but my situation has changed and I need music and sounds for games files .ogg.

Does anyone have a link?

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What sorts of things are you looking for?

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Almost no website will give you ogg sounds.
You should convert from wav or mp3, almost all sound programs, audacity, gold wave, etc, can do that.
Just remember that every time you save changes to an ogg file, you make it sound worse, so, keep the original wav file if your going to edit, and even if you aren't, it's good to have a backup copy.
That way every time you save as ogg, you can just export from the original wav instead, instead of saving.

For finding sounds, just look up the big list of free sounds on google.
Some things aren't listed their, but most things are. If you aren't making music, than ignore the SF2's and sound fonts, and the ones that have like a thousand sounds or more, that's all music stuff, and most of it isn't actually put together yet, it's just pieces.
The ones I know of that aren't on that list are as follows:
http://www.1soundfx.com has 5 free sounds a week.
http://www.Blastwavefx.com has 2 free sound packs, and if you sign up for their news letter you can get free sounds sometimes.
https://sonniss.com/gameaudiogdc2017 now has a third GDC audio bundle, and you can get the first one by messaging the guy, who has his details on the page.

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oh [wow] I didn't know about the 3rd game audio bundle, will definitely be grabbing that.

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Some of those didn't make the Big List because they use custom licenses that have certain restrictions on their use, for example freeSFX & Zapslat won't allow you to use the sounds in a way that they take focus, like a guess the sound game, and they require you to mix the sounds with other audio/visual components. Didn't know about the GDC2017 bundle though, so just added it.

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