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Hi all,
Many people show off gameplays and reviews of audio games. So I thought I'd make a topic for my own. I started this back in 2012, but that thread was almost exclusive discussion on which file host to use, so I've rebooted the thread now that hosting isn't as much an issue. By all means, hit me up with your questions, comments and criticisms. Anything constructive whether good or bad is greatly appreciated!

In these recordings, I sort of review the game and play it all in one, so people who know the game can hear my take on it, and people who don't know much about it can learn the essentials. I will be editing  this post to reflect additional content, or other important stuff. Info on those changes is at the bottom of this post.
Links to the recordings are below in mp3 format. Flac versions are available for any of these upon request if you're a perfectionist or an audiophile smile. I primarily upload to Google Drive, but am starting to upload to Anyaudio as well, so for some recordings, two links will be provided. With the Google Drive links, simply click on them and tab to the play or download button. For Anyaudio, the recording will play automatically but you can download if you want.

Links are arranged in chronological order of recording. I may end up changing this, like organizing it by company, but it's just easier to do it this way for now, since there are only a few recordings. So, enough small talk, let's go!

I'm also taking suggestions on games, and maybe the occasional program unrelated to gaming. I am open to the idea of doing complete walkthroughs, but those take more time and energy.
The types of games I am more likely to record and review are  one-player offline games. I'm more into arcade, action, adventure, and light puzzle games.
Here's a list of specific games which I probably won't touch for one reason or another.
Flight sims and strategic games like Sound RTS because I can't play them well at all.
Muds and online games. Not my type of games really.
Text-based games for the same reason as above
Buggy games that I can't beat into submission.
If games require a VM or seem to run better on one, I'm not opposed to recording those but I won't be doing those kinds of things every day.
I hope you enjoy these recordings! Please give me feedback so I can make them better! I look forward to doing more.
Here's a sneak peak of games I've been thinking about doing. In no particular order:
Redo some old recordings I posted here because they're meh
Blinded Guide
Mudsplat (already completed, need to edit)
Montezuma's Revenge from alchemy Games (already completed, need to edit)
Echo Here to play (already completed, need to edit)
Treasure Mania
Old Blindsoftware titles (some have been completed, others are in the works)
Adventure at C:
A Blind Legend
Perilous Hearts Concept Demo
Super Deekout
Monkey Business walkthrough
Technoshock Walkthrough (currently at a preliminary stage, see this threadfor more info)
The Gate
GMA Tank Commander (even though it's already been done by Asmodean)
Alien Outback
Playcenter Games and other often-forgotten games
Bop It Ultimate
Handheld games I used to own or by some odd chance may acquire
And more.

Change History:
September 29, 2012: Uploaded Zompocalipse recording. It was originally intended to be my only recording, but I decided to try to do more gameplays.
March 22, 2013: Uploaded Hunter recording.
march 28: Uploaded Blindside recording.
December 5: Uploaded Bounty Hunter recording
December 9: Uploaded Extant recording.
September 12, 2017: Haven't forgotten this thread! Uploaded a recording of the Nujam Guitar handheld game, and rebooted the thread.

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I mentioned this earlier in the technoshock topic, but if you're interested in having your recordings hosted on agarchive.net, please do shoot an email to our developer contact ([email protected]) and we can get you up and running.
We are starting to screen recordings a bit, so it may be worth while checking through the existing files on the site before submitting new ones (the goal being to avoid duplicate content), but if you've got games that aren't on the site already, then we've got a hosting platform for you.
The only drawback is that we'd only be able to host the compressed versions of files. Raw wav or flac will get a bit large, especially if you tape at high sample rates.

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Thanks for letting me know. What I'm worried about is causing too much hassle with updates. Admittedly they don't happen often, but haven't really asked anyone to host stuff for me before so I feel a little awkward asking. Lol

Make more of less, that way you won't make less of more!
If you like what you're reading, please give a thumbs-up.

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As long as you send your work in batches of decent size all's fine, and if you can make sure you're not duplicating existing work before you send it, that'll cut down most of the processing time.
Its probably best for us to discuss the details over email, but the short version is don't worry about it. As long as you're not uploading a dozen gigabytes of recordings with hours added every week, then we should be able to keep up.

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Nice recordings! I appreciate your microphone quality and good volume settings in particular, not  many um's and uh's either... and you don't spend a massive amount of time explaining basic audio gaming concepts.

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John, I don't think forum e-mail is working, because it never has for me. I will use the contact page on agarchive.net once I feel I am ready to send my first batch. I want to redo a few of my oldest recordings as I really wasn't sure what I was doing, and I feel I could do them better now.

Defender, I'm glad you like them. I feel like I ramble too much, and it's something I'm really self-conscious about. But I do try to explain things that I think newcomers to a game will really find helpful. It seems a lot of current recordings don't do that. They seem to assume you know certain things or the person doing the recording may not know a lot themselves and not explain why something happened. Not trying to say they're bad or anything though, I just have a different style I guess.

Make more of less, that way you won't make less of more!
If you like what you're reading, please give a thumbs-up.

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