I have a question. What I need to create for example, server to playing games? What I need for requiring It?
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A server is typically just a computer which accepts connections, with software running to handle communication between the server and the clients. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is not necessarily a single machine, but functions as one that you log in to remotely.
You can run a server from your personal computer, but most PCs are not optimized for that purpose, so you'd run into issues like security, hardware limitations, and running it at all times will probably shorten the lifespan of your machine. If you want to run a small, temporary server, or you have a computer that can handle it, it shouldn't be an issue; just keep security in mind.

I haven't worked with VPS before, but other people around here have, so hopefully one of them can give information on finding, setting up, and controlling a VPS or VPN (Virtual Private Network).

I do recommend VPS / VPN, though, because if you're using a wireless router, you'll need to figure out which ports it can accept incoming connections on, and how to open any you need.
For the software side, it depends on what programming language you're using. BGT has a fairly straightforward explanation of its network object in the manual, but it only uses UDP. The other network protocol is TCP, which is apparently more reliable. I think there was a point when UDP was faster, but I'm not sure if that is still true.
You'll need your program to set up the server with which port you're using, and then continuously monitor for incoming messages. From there, it's a matter of handling the messages as you would any input, and sending whatever messages the clients will need.

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Well, the answer to your question is simple: You just need a normal computer. Then you need to know how to configure your firewall in your router.
If you need something else, then please give some more information. smile

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@1, it depends on the type of server you want. If you want a literal server that runs it's own operating system, has it's own programs, etc., you'd best either purchase a new, separate computer dedicated to that purpose (those are quite expensive, but do work very well), purchase a virtual private server from a company such as Digital Ocean or Linode, or purchase a dedicated server from a company such as Liquid Web or In Motion Hosting. I'd highly recommend the second and/or third options because maintaining a physical server yourself can be tedious and time-consuming; with a datacenter managing it for you, you can have far more reliability than you could otherwise. On the other hand, if you just want to be able to host multiplayer games, such a setup as what I've listed is not required; in fact it may hinder you if you do go for it. You can happily run multiplayer game servers on your computer locally and just open up the port in your router to give it access to the universe, but don't run it all the time, 24/7 because it will deteriorate your computers performance and it's general usability over time.

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