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Hello All and specially Munawar,
I posted this in the Issues Page on Gitube but got no answers and since I found this topic here I thought I would also post it here and see if I can get some help or suggestions.
So here is it goes:
I'm playing it on a PC running Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit and Am using a T.otas PS3 Flightstick and the problems I'm having with the game are:
1.Every Time I load the Game I get a error message saying there was a error mapping the keys or they have been mapped with a older Game version which makes Me having to assign keys to the Flight Stick every time I want to play. I deleted all folders I could find related to the demo Game I was using previously.
2.If I select a type of Game, lets say for example Racing Mode I can play it for a while and sometimes the game just freezes, sounds keep playing but i cannot do anything with the controls, either using the Flight Stick or the keyboard and have to close the game.
3.If I select a type of Game and after playing it for a while I want to change to a different type of Game and click on start a new game it will always play whatever I was playing first, for example Training Mode...
4.I cannot trottle down or deactivate the Afterburners... I can trottle up using the flightstick but it always goes into full trottle even if I barely touch it and automatically activates the afterburners. I can of course just activate the afterburners by pressing the corresponding key.
But when I want to slow down the Plane and use the Flight Stick to trottle down it works as long as I'm twisting the rudder but as soon as i release it Airspeed goes up again and the afterburners kick-in making it impossible to manage fuel and of course slowing down the Plane for landing...

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Well, the code of the game now is on github. everybody that know about c# can grav it and update or try fix the posted issues. tongue

In some future, someone will be post a new pull to the repo with one or more updates. Be patient.

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If I could code, I would have helped by fixing the bugs. smile

Best regards SLJ.
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Is anyone hosting a TDV server or knows how can I find Servers where its possible to play?

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were can i find the power plants?
after i got rit of the airbase, a handfight komes.
after that, i am bac in my Craft.
how can i get to the Power plan?
best regards Niki

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Hello, Everyone, I have a proglem with newly-release Three-D Velocity, namely, TDV 2. The game simply crashed when I played mission mode. However, when I loaded the game, it said an error had occurred at the program and it immediately closed. Would you mind telling me how to fix the known issue. I am sick of playing it again and again. I reached the third recarnation of Julias. Thank you.

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it doesn’t work

hi how are you all

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