Hey guys, I'm new here but I just wanted to share a quick sound design tip.
If your source of audio does not move AND your character won't move from their place, here's a really incredible tip to make the spatialized sound pop.

It's called the Haas effect. 99% of game sound mimics human hearing mechanics incorrectly... if there's a monster to your left in the game, the left channel volume will be at 100% and the right will be at 0. That's not how we hear. If I'm in a restaurant, and someone drops a plate to my left, my left ear hears it, and then 3-10ms later my right ear hears it with a very small amount of the treble removed. This is the Haas effect, and that tiny delay is how humans place sound sources.

The problem is, it can't be utilized in games unless your sound sources don't move AND you don't move because it means every sound effect requires two channels.

But if your game is turn based RPG, for instance, where you have three monsters pop out in front of you, you can use this effect to blow people's minds.

Check it out here. https://soundcloud.com/user-405693689/goblin-wolf-beast

Here's another comparison, a bit more ambient.
First you'll hear a rowing soundscape, in normal left/right hard panning, like most games.
https://soundcloud.com/honkytonk38/rowi … fect-final

This one is the Haas effect.
https://soundcloud.com/honkytonk38/rowi … cape-final

Pretty subtle, but really powerful.

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