2017-08-22 01:52:22

Hi guise, I have just fought about something. Why not add new ranks to this list? New audiogames are coming, and they should be taken into the count. Also I would like to suggest to change some ranks. For example, those games by pcs games are just to old,  yes those games are nice and those were good in there time, but like I had all reddy said, there are new games, and it's time to throw old games into the trash. So, let's make our brains think about new ranks!
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Alexander Ferrumite
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2017-08-23 22:16:09

why should something be "thrown in the trash" because it is old?
if we did this there would be only one game in the database, whatever came out last big_smile.

If you look at the ranks list there is a good range, from classics like shades of doom to more modern stuff released in the last couple of years, but we can't add ranks for everything or change the hole list whenever a new game comes on the scene otherwise we'd be doing nothing but writing new ranks.

Also  remember there are a limited number of ranks that we can have anyway, since while we have lots of rankings, there will always be more games than we have ranks for, even if we just confine ranks to only audiogames.

The only change I'd consider making to the ranks list at this stage is remove references to some games like Rail racer that there is no way to play, even with the audiogames archive, though again more old games are coming back to life too.

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