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I just got a new ssd for my old laptop. I formatted it and installed win 7. After installing, I found I don't have the 100mb system reserve partition, which I believe holds the boot files. I only have the C partition which is marked as active. I have two questions, why do we need the little system reserve partition, and is my plan to rectify the situation a wise one?
My plan is to create a 100mb partition, and assign it a drive letter. Then open a command prompt and type: "BCDBboot c:\Windows /S X:" where X is the letter I assigned. This copies the boot files. Then I'll remove the drive letter, and mark it as active. I once had to format the system reserve partition because backup wouldn't work because of immovable files, and this is how I did it: by copying the boot files to C, then copying them back to the system reserve partition again after formatting it.
What do you guys think, is there an alternative fix, and what should I have done when installing windows to create the system reserve partition in the first place? Thanks.

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I don't know much about the system reserved partition,but if necessary windows installation automatically creates one, so if I were you, I wouldn't bother as long as the system works fine without any issues.

I am using bootcamp on my mbp,so I have no choice but to use win10,thank you apple, so I don't know, my previous win7 machines did have a system reserved partition,but the win10 doesn't.
Actually, it could have been created but hidden, have you tried diskpart?
Just some thoughts.

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I don't think it was hidden because the C partition was marked as active, and if there were a system reserve partition, it would have been the one marked as active. From what I've read by searching, it doesn't matter anyway.

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The system reserved partition houses the windows recovery environment. If your computer shuts down in an abnormal way, you can choose to go into this environment and performe repairs on your windows install if required. I also beleive this partition is required when using bitlocker drive encryption for your entire OS. There is no screenreader in this environment, and bitlocker will create the partition if it wasn't created by you when you turn it on, so you can just leave your partitions as they are. Next time when installing windows, you might want to select the disk and let windows handle partitioning, by just not creating any and just telling the installer you want to install windows into unalicated space.

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