No, this game is done. smile Sorry for everyone that doesn't like the new update. I feel I have balanced it quite a lot from the older version, and I think it's at a stable place. I like it better this way. The only thing left to do is fix sapi, and then no more updates. You can turn radar announce, I will not enable tracking. Learn the maps and try to figure out where people are going, I will not hand you everything on a plate. That takes all skill out of the game if you just say whom you want to kill and a beep tells you where they are and you get exact coordinates. That's not how this works, it has never worked this way, and it never will.
The MK-14 is fine the way it is, and it being the starting weapon is fine for sure. I know it's weak, but as said, use your fists and knife. Press H and if it takes more than half a second, hell even a quarter of a second, you will have problems because of lag and not because the game is broken, that's the way the internet works and there is nothing I can do. The only way this gets fixed is with permanent servers, but people rarely keep their server up for longer than a month and then the server list breaks. That's why I'm hesitant to add new servers to the list, especially if I just get an IP, because that is likely to change. The new game will fix this, but again, lag will always be a problem no matter what I do, that's something completely out of my control, and a fast paced game like RTR requires a good internet connection. A good internet connection does not just mean speed, it also means short roundtrip time to the server and back. If you take 400 MS for a message to travel, every player hit will take 400 ms until your client registers it. Most weapons fire faster than that, so it will be inaccurate and there is literally nothing I can do to fix this. I do not have the money to host an interconnected web of servers for every possible player location, like the mainstream companies do.

This game's source code is horrible. That's why I started writing a new one in the first place. However, while I had tons of time to work on RTR, life does get more hectic the older you grow, if you're young you will probably notice this once you start working and trying to make money to survive, building a network of connections for business and friends, family, etc, and juggling it all to still have time to develop games. It takes a lot of time, and as it stands, at least for the moment, there is little time for me to develop games without destroying my relationships with friends, family, and so on. Those things are valuable, too.

Again I'm sorry if you do not like the update. If this is the case, maybe you will want to wait for the next game, or get used to the new weapons and make the best of it.

@BigGun, RTR has been out since 2012. It was there before RedSpot. For that time, it was completely and utterly different from anything we've had up to that point in terms of game pace, maps, etc. And it is quite different from RedSpot. RedSpot is an open map with little to no environment where finding players is difficult. RTR's maps are smaller, there is lots of ambience sounds and walls and doors to show you where you are, so just by learning the different maps and getting used to them you can figure out what people are likely to do and where they're likely to be. If you want to play redspot, play redspot. It's a different game with different goals, gameplay wise. Killing people, sure, that's about the only thing they'd have in common, other than the fact that they're first person perspective. But even there they start to already split apart.

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Hey all I got righttr and would like to practice how do I get to offline mode?  Also is there a more detailed read me?

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@Jonnyboy1991: I haven't tried to load the updated server into Wine yet, but shouldn't Wine run in 64 mode as default? I think I saw a way to do that, but I don't remember how to do it, if 32 bit is set as default.

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hi, main serwer on rtr doesn't work. Please set this server.

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well then, if ONJ refuses to update till no SAPI, and now that the main server is down, it would be pretty neat if SLJ could recover us. Joseph has his server, but, it's a last man standing. wish it was team match, though. as for feature suggestions, shitty weapons,  sounds, all I will say is if you want that, download redspot, or any other of it's kind, where you have a 500 by 500 grassy map. there, yes, you do need tracking. but not graphical maps. not to mention that starting out with all weapons, like in other games, leaves no place to improve at all.

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howdy all,

Just in case anyone is interested. There is a server at:
port 6789
However to play on it you need to download the additional maps on
It is right on the main page under what is smoke working on. At some point in the some what near future there will be a specific section for RTR, but right now it is just a link to download the additional maps as a .7z archive. The server will be up most the time but not all the time, it is being hosted by someone in eastern time so when they are sleeping it prob won't be up. Also new maps will be added randomly so if you get a connection issue just check black screen gaming for a updated map list.

also, there is a new RTR Skype group you can join at.

no guest accounts allowed, if someone spams we close the group.

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Hi all.
After a lot of requests, I have decided to open up my server again for all to enjoy. But, I don't have much time to be an admin on the server and make sure people are playing nicely. Some people was complaining on my server that I didn't had time to administrate it and to make sure people didn't cheated etc. So if that's not a big issue, then I'll open up the server later today.

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for me no problem. I want to playa trwely fps sorry but rtr its the most likeli fps than redspot or tk

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So I promised to set up a server later today, and here is some quite bad news:
I thought Wine on my server was running everything in 64 bit, but that doesn't seem to be the case. When I try to run the new RTR server, it says something about x86 and 64 bit, and then it stops running... Currently, I have no clue on how to fix that, and I don't have more time to look at this week. I'm sorry, but that's the current status. It is quite frustrating, because I want to offer to host a stable RTR server again... I hope I can take a look at it next week...

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yo, just wanted to say that the bsg server is now up on the list and running. if you get connecting issues as said before. check bsg for an updated version of the maps.

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@Sito. Where I can download the updated maps?

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I write about bgs serwer. I think this maps are changing very often. After 15 kills. This is too often. When in this serwer play 5 players, after 5 minutes is changing map. I think maps should be change after 1 hour or after 50 kills.

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The kills might change between 15 and 20, but I'm not seeing them go higher than that. the point is to have it change maps more often. Some folks are good on 1 map but not another. that way folks have a chance to play maps they like more often. If it is set to 50 kills it gets boring and stagnant on 1 map way too fast. this also lets folks choose to play for multiple matches or just 1 quick one. And there's multiple servers, you don't have to do it if you don't like the 15 or 20 kills per map change.
Also, here in just a few there will be 2 permanent BSG servers, both a team and normal death match one. There will be a download package on that is updated for the server with both entities and maps. At the start it will probably get updated fairly often until I get tired of playing around with making maps.

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