Is there any emulator for Mac which can run the game? I have given up on playing it on the playstation, because I can't do quick saving. Quick saving seems to be the way to go in those games. I have never tried any playstation emulator before though...

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Hahaha, that's a neat idea, using the stinger for the first fight with wolf. I'd herd that folks were doing some sort of work to make this little beastie accessible or a walkthrough or whatever, but I'd always been curious how one would do that first wolf battle without sight. I was fortunate enough to be able to play the game, when I still had enough vision and it's definitely a treasure.
Very cool stuff. smile
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Which emulators for ps1 are good nowadays on Windows?

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Get PSX 1.13. It's small, easy and fast.

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the one problem with PSX though, no native code support, so no stinger for the first wolf battle
also PSX doesn't seem to like metal gear solid integral last time I tried, which means the play in first person view option from that version isn't available, which is a shame because I bet it could make parts of the game way easier

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