Hello audio games people. I'm starting to get very sick of OBS studio and classic. It just is not working at all. I tried XSplit and although it's good none of the buttons are labeled. I will attempt to contact the staff of XSplit to see if they can label. But what is another way I can stream my play throughs to restream using my RTMP URL and key.? I'm running windows 10. I also want this program to stream what ever app(s) I tell it to as well as my speaker/headphone output  and mic I'd be willing to pay $30 or less. Everyone Blessings and happy Saturday

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I'm also wondering the same thing.  I'm getting into youtube streaming  myself.

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Best Solution

Check Here -->  https://www.chennaidb.in/chennaitimes-p … akkam.html

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What a troll. Or should i say, bot.

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