Maybe someone can provide me some info about a Eurofly problem which I have encountered several times now.

Sometimes when I am on a long flight it takes much longer than expected. Off course I always use the turbo mode on such flights, but even if I accelerate to 10.000 km/h the flight often takes much longer than it should.
By pressing d both the flown distance as well as the elapsed time are announced.
There are flights when I fly only 7000 kilometers in one hour even if my speed is 10.000 from the beginning. However, this does not happen all the times, sometimes I am much quicker.
Maybe someone knows about this problem – the only idea that I have is that wind is somehow influencing the speed, but I am not sure about this.
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that is not problem, but feature. smile
Eurofly dev has discussed influence of a wind to aircraft with real pilot, and did similar mechanism in Eurofly. Winds are often used by pilots to long flights, especially above oceans, because in high altitudes are strong winds and when these are blowing from behind of you, they are speeding up your aircraft, so you are saving fuel. Hovever it also works reversed, when wind is blowing from infront of you, it is slowing down your aircraft. Good pilot can track this and fly from altitude to altitude depend on wind strength, so when wind is from infront, he descend to altitude where it is weaker, when it is from back, he goes up to go faster. Wind from sides does not affect your aircraft, so don't scare you will be out of course.
Hope it helps.

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Thanks a lot, Rastislav. This was very informative.

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