HI. i'm Isaac chenier. Last week I've got a new laptop but i'm having an issue with it. I can't seem to access the internet. just last weekend it was working until sunday. But now the Wi-Fi isn't working now. Something might be blocking my computer from looking for internet connections. I  thought it was the firewall but it's not. Can anyone help me out with this?

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Double-posting a topic is not going to get you any attention from anyone on here -- it's more likely to annoy us. I don't mean to be rude or anything, but please delete this topic.
As for your actual question, I think lots of us require a bit more information than what you have provided:

  • What type of laptop is this? (i.e. new or used?)

  • Is the laptop up-to-date?

  • Are all your drivers on it up-to-date?

  • What are your system specs: WiFi card, computer model, etc?

  • What OS is this computer running?

The more information you provide about this issue the more data we'll all have to work with. Right now the description of your problem is very vague: you purchased a laptop and, since last Sunday, you can no longer connect to the internet -- and you now know it's not your firewall. We require a lot more information than just that, since the reason for this kind of problem can be very difficult to diagnose. It could be a number of things: your drivers, WiFi card, network, OS... you get the picture.

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@Dj clue, welcome to the forum. Perhaps some more information about the problem might be helpful here.
Eg, which version of windows your [email protected]
I actually wonder myself, given that you say you can detect no networks if it is a hardware rather than a software problem,  I suspect if it was something like over zealous security measures you'd be able to detect current networks, but not to connect to them.

Some brands of laptop have a wireless switch which you can use to disable all wireless capabilities. It's handy if your going on an aeroplane. I would look around for something like that, perhaps ask someone to check the and back of your laptop, usually they also come with a light which is on when wireless connectivity is possible.


@Ethin, double posting is sometimes unavoidable, especially if a person has a dodgy connection and the page had to load more than once, I've done it myself quite accidently. It's an easy thing to fix (indeed I've just fixed this), so  need for throwing around accusations, especially to new members.

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Hello, have do you have Ethernet access? That could help in case someone wanted to NDA remote with you.

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hello there,
give more information if possible
if you can access with ethernet cable,  check control panel, device manager
find the your wifi card model
it should be listed qualcomm atheros, or realtek LAN etc
if you don't see your wifi card driver
your wifi card might be defective
mostly qualcomm wifi cards makes these issues

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