I'm just wondering, is there a way to have this happen? Currently, it seems like unless I'm missing a setting if you receive a new PM there's no way to actually know unless you just so happen to click on the link and manually check your inbox.

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Unfortunately, a notification system hasn't been implemented. It is desperately needed. Not many remember to manually check their private messages, so responding to someone takes forever.

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Agreed what have been said here.

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Yep. Email, alt-tags, alerts, popups, a line somewhere that tells you how many unread messages you have... any of these would do. Although, I wonder if the occasional disabling of the PM system indicates that making these sorts of changes would be less straightforward than we'd think.

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But it could be hard isn't it?

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Yes, it's annoying. In the end, I implemented a script on my VPS to scrape my PM page periodically and send me email when there are messages. Obviously not the easiest or most accessible solution, but that's all you can really do at the moment. Maybe other solutions along those lines exist. I remember hearing about a browser solution, but forget the name.

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I have been through everything in the board's administration settings several times and there is absolutely nothing about private message notifications.

It's actually rather confusing, since the forum over at project.aon also use PunBb yet they do! have private message notifications, but presumably something custom coded.

Unfortunately failing Richard or Sander installing another extention we don't know about currently or custom coding something from scratch there really isn't a lot we can do.

it really is rather bizarre.

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There used to be an extension that displayed an announcement when you had unread pm's. Unfortunately, it seems to not be around anymore, and besides it was never updated to any 1.4 version of pun-bb.

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Hi, I think that it's a great idea. Maybe it'll be implemented.

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