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Audiogame Jam 2 is coming up in October (6-15). My friend and I are a sound team, both of us have a little bit of coding experience, and I've also done a lot with design, writing, and user experience research. We have a basic idea for the game we'd like to make, but are looking to find a dedicated programmer to do this Jam with us.

If you don't have interest or time, but could give suggestions on other places we might find programmers who are interested in game accessibility that would also be greatly appreciated.

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Will this one be on itch.io again? I am looking forward to it.

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yes, gamejolt io , I think.

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I was actually thinking of participating in the audiogame jam. I cannot say yes for sure, but generally I would be up for taking a developer role. This all depends on your setup, however, and your ideas, so if you're interested in talking about this just message me. I do believe my details are in my profile.

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