as the topic name states... Can community request adding games to the database? Or the developer need to.

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Db answer whaaaat?

~do you mean This game or something else.

if you mean the game called the game, well firstly you just lost, secondly so did I, and thirdly unless your counting your brain as a computer I don't think The game counts big_smile.

If you don't mean that the game when you say the game, which the game are you talking about, since there are lots of the games out there that could be the game you mean when you say the game, assuming of course you don't mean by the game the game I just said, I mean the game I said when I said the game previously in this topic about the game and posted the Wikipedia link to the game so you knew the game I meant when I said the game.

Hmmmm, hopefully that is clear.

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