This looks exactly like what I need.

I did speak with Wizards of the Coast, and I asked permission for building the table top based magic the gathering game that vcaparica suggested, but unfortunately they denied me privilege in building a audio game of this. I did tell them that the products they are providing are not accessible, and to consider building accessibility features into their app or online games that already exist. I was told that my feedback did get passed on to the development team.
A side note, I also found out that screen reader users can not create accounts on their website, because they do not provide accessibility features for getting passed the captcha to submit your user account information. I mentioned that as well to them.

So, I may work on the tabletop version as a side project, but not necessarily release it to the public. However, it looks like XMage has been around for quite a while, is open source,  and has a pretty strong following. I would feel better about contributing toward that project, because regardless of weather they got permission or not from Wizards, the project is still up and being developed, even if the original developer got a cease and desist letter.

Which raises the next question, how to go about making this accessible, I think that providing some add on of some sort would be ideal so that people can take advantages of the new updates people put out on git hub, rather than building a completely different version that is stuck at the version that I built in accessibility, but I am not sure where to start with this. I may turn this into a project for school, we will see.

Does anyone have any suggestions of where to start?

TJ Breitenfeldt

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as far as I can see since i'm playing around with this stuff the client already supports plugins / extensions which you can just drop in and they will do their job. That enables you to just create a repository of some sort on GitHub or somewhere else, develop your plugin, pack it down into a jar file and drop it into the XMage plugins folder. And if you think your plugin needs some more advanced API functions, you could contribute to XMage itself providing this function. I don't think that the XMage developers will reject more advanced API functionalities, since those will help other plugins too in the future.
That's how the whole extension/plugin system is intended to work in most cases and this should be applicable here too.
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[wow] guys, this sounds really awesome tongue

If you can get done something  it will be really great. Start from a existing point, using a  existing mtg engine will make the things easier. Now, use java to build the client... Well you know that the accesibility of the java GUIS aren't a lot of accessible that we want.

Well, continue with this project!

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