Every once in a while I'm asked a question like, "What is the name of this site?", after submitting a post.

What's this about? Why the question? Surely by now it's obvious I'm not a robot or spam bot.

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That extension was supposed to be removed, but I still get that too at times.

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It's not a big deal since it doesn't come up very often. I'm just curious about it's purpose.

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Sometimes I'm asked what the name of our planet is. I guess the site is making sure I'm not thinking I'm somewhere other than Earth. tongue

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Perhaps it's meant to be some way to insure that your account hasn't been hacked by  a bot?
@Draq, I believe there is a reason the questions are so obvious. I think it's meant to be so obvious that it's not something you can just look up in a database.

And thus the beast grew powerful, and fire and thunder swept the land. But Mammon stirred in their hearts, and the beast Foundered, and its Corpse arose, and commanded "thou shalt not fly in my name." And the blazes shall freeze cold, and the souls of the followers of Mammon shall learn to tremble in the
face of ice as they did before the fire.
from The Book of Ice, 10:13

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