Hi all,
In this post I would like to announce a project that I am currently working on.
Please note that right now it is not even in beta, perhaps an alpha stage. I am developing a set of libraries for audiogame development in swift.
Right now I have something called sound.swift inside a text project.
It can play sounds using AVAudioEngine and it can change its pitch in realtime using AVAudioUnitTimePitch.
Soon it will support pan and volume, but I wanted to post it here so people can contribute to it, have a look at it, suggest improvements etc.
This is open source and you can find it on my gitlab at the following URL:

If you have a mac, XCode and wish to test this, please feel free to do so and if you have improvements please submit a merge request and we will come up with something.

The test project currently plays a looped sound file  and changes its pitch  inside a while loop until the loop finishes (loopcount=10) and exits.

Please let me know what you think. I am currently trying to implement a load function to load a file into memory.
Let's make the world of audiogame development for the iPhone easy for everyone!

Again, the link is

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This could be great, but then what about Apple App store and them charging prices for devs?

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This looks like an amasing project.

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