As the topic name states: I have a suggestion to create a new room on our forum. It would be related to posting offtopic articles about IT or daily life, something like offtopic room but with articles.
What do you guys think?

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I don't know.
On the one hand it is true the offtopic room is very popular and we have had people  wanting to post articles on none gaming related matters, especially where software is concerned.

On the other hand we are after all a games site and  there are places like cool  blind tech which exist for those sorts of things, and there is nothing stopping anyone posting a topic to an article hosted elsewhere in the offtopic room, and other gaming related  sites don't have none gaming or none site specific articles.

So in this case I really am not sure.

One other concern I will confess to, is I wonder on the quality of articles, since while we're quite able to say what should and should not be a gaming article, on life style or other tech type articles I'm less certain, particularly since we have a lot of younger members who possibly don't have  a necessarily  article standard writing style as yet and  I could see some major arguments happening if say moderators moved an article from offtopic articles and it's author disagreed, particularly if the articles in question were heavily opinionated.

I'm not absolutely against the idea, but if it does happen the requirements would have to be   put together quite  carefully I think.

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