I, and probably a lot of you, have no doubt come across the situation where you've got nothing productive that remains to be done, and you want to play some games but you have no idea what. Well, I wonder if whoever is responsible for the site's code can code the following, a sort of random game picker which goes through the database and selects a random game. Idealy, you could also configure this picker to only select games of one or more certain genre types, or from one or more certain developers.

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While this is a rather fun idea in and of itself, I would suggest if Richard and Sander are looking at making changes there are a few things higher on the priority list, for example search by platform or an ability for user reviews or ratings.

So, certainly not a bad idea at all, though imho there are possibly more major things to be added first, and besides, you can always use Gma dice or your favourite other dice roller to generate a number between one and 603 or however many games we're up to currently big_smile.

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