I made this post to see if hopefully someone can fulfill my curiousity when it comes to the forum titles that are shown by a user's name. for example kitchin golfer or Tank Compadre. how do you earn different titles? can you make up your own title. and also what does carma and the number after it mean?

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hi. kitchin golfer and tank compadre are ranks that you earn when you reach a certain number of posts on the forum. the number after the user carma refers to how many times you have received a thumbs up from someone that liked your posts. read more in the FAQ section: http://forum.audiogames.net/viewtopic.php?id=8798

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Those are derived from games that are on the list of games.
Jim Kitchen developed Golf, so Kitchen Golfer was created.
Tank Compadre I think came from the GMA Tank Commander game.

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I believe all your questions are answered in the faq.

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mastodont and phil thankyou for your explainations I get it now

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Since this is a question about the forum generally I will move this topic to site and forum feedback.

As Mastodont said, questions 24 and 25 in the faq explain everything about ranks and user karma (which btw have nothing to do with each other).

If your confused  where ranks come from, see the section at the end of the faq which identifies all the related games and how they've been made into terrible, terrible puns big_smile.


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Also, This old topic, covers everything.

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