so, the title gives you the general idea. I started using google chrome recently, and I love it. The speed is great, sometimes it hickups on my position but I don't mind. Until today, when I logged into the forum after not being on for a while, tried to post something somewhere, and chrome yelled at me saying you were steeling my data.
The exact error page looks something like this, as I can recall from memory from about 6 minutes ago.
forum.audiogames.net - network error window
heading level 1 this site is broken
google chrome blocked a request from this site that could be used to steel personal data, such as telephone numbers and credit cards.
list with 1 items try returning to the link homepage.
I suppose the very end of the page is the most useful part, chrome blocked it because of some sort of xxs attempt you are doing. I don't know what xxs is but I suppose the site admin does.
Do note that when I opened this on firefox and posted the thing, and got through, a pun stop bots question appeared. I answered it and went right on, so that plugin isn't broken anymore like threads say it is. However, it may have something to do with the xxs autitor blocking the whole damn page when I hit submit. Please investigate this, see if you can reproduce all the time or if it may be the pun stop bots extension acting up in another way. I am using the latest stable version of chrome, I don't have information nor wish to upgrade to the beta builds.

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