I imagine you already know, by now, of the WannaCry ransomware that spreads using the SMB1 file sharing protocol in Windows, XP through 7.

Yes, I said XP. MS have even issued a patch for it (thereby proving themselves to be ransomware merchants of a kind too). Whatever version of Windows you own, patch it, if you haven't yet.

The vulnerability exploited came from the NSA, and was in the Shadow Broker dump. Ransomware, once implanted using this vector, encrypts your stuff and demands payment. MS made patches available before the vulnerability hit, so any sensible person won't have been infected, but this was still immensely damaging, including to the NHS in the UK (which our Tory government is busily trying to sabotage through underfunding, for ideological reasons). And yes the NHS was, in part, still dependent on XP, and the trusts had not renewed their XP agreements. I do believe the security argument for moving on is thus definitely proved. Yet, between the NSA hoarding secret vulnerabilities, the government always blaming the attacker and not the incompetent victim, the radical market fundamentalism of governments, security professionals and the software industry who refuse to raise the bar for secure coding and endorse full disclosure but instead make real money from the vulnerabilities in software, Microsoft's own private agreements which they knew must have been necessary but which people did not benefit from without large sums of money until it was far too late, and just plain incompetence and stupidity, this is a sad story to behold. For God's sake patch.

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Yeah, and get off XP, Jesus Christ its 14 years old, the fuck is wrong with people. This was a big one though and MS knew it, they released a patch for XP even though it was EOL and not supported. Also, if you have any version of win 10, the vulnerability doesn't exist, but disable smb 1 anyway, you don't need it, if by chance, you're using it, smb 2 and 3 are more secure.

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I am triing to update my windows but I do not know if my sistem works or not.
It is windows 7 ultimate but it is bad installed and I lost some sistem 32 files.

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As it turns out WCry [doesn't effect WinXP], or more specifically the worm doesn't, but the ransomware does if you manually copy and run it on your computer. Some security researchers have been able to crack the ransom encryption on XP installs because of previously overlooked limitations in the OS.

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Patch... where!
I've been monitoring network usage on my machines - and other than one of them pulling some updates for microsoft antimalware, I'm not seeing any patches.
In other news, I also can't find a way to disable SMB, at least in services.msc.

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If you install latest updates, you are already patched. SMB is located in Windows Features, not services.msc.

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Most recent OS's will already be patched if your up to date, but you can read more about it and manually download the patches [here].

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You are awesome!
Clarification much appreciated.
I shall now go figure out how to remove smb.

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I am slightly confused and worried actually, because I don't know if I'm protected. For some reason, I have not received an automatic updates for ages and I'm using windows 7. Yet when I check services the windows update is set to automatic delayed start, but I'm wondering if it relies on some other sevices that could ahve been accidentally disabled. You see, i had a clearout a while back and a program was having issues with not being able to start it's service, and stupdily I started it's service but managed to cause some sort of chain reaction that disabled others, due to the way I went about it, and I also forgot to create a restore point. Annoyingly, I don't know what settings all my services were on because you've got automatic, automatic delayed star, and manual. I'm wondering if I've accidnetally disabled windows update or something.

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this might be of interest:

http://thehackernews.com/2017/05/wannac … -tool.html

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The good news is as of yet, I haven't been infected it seems.

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Hm? Didnt hear about this virus. Move on to Linux guys!

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If your not sure or concerned check the link in my last post, it goes into the detaila and you can manually download and install the necessary security patches from there to make sure your covered.

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psht; yeah, because moving onto linux wouldn't be a lot like thieves locking you out of your own house and you buying a new one because you're not willing to put up a fight.  I won't switch operating systems because of script kiddies.

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