there are many quests at all levels. Quite a few of them you can do right at level 1. The quests vary from escort missions, to fetch quests, etc etc. one super interesting one you have to fix an old mill!

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On the topic of quests, how to check if an NPC has a quest to give?
I did not find any quests on my own.
Right now I am playing a letter delivery girl for an NPC who is to old to do it himself.
At least it was his excuse for giving the quest, if I remember correctly.

Where to sell wolf fur?
I was attacked by one on the road.
Fortunately for me another player was there and gave me a hand.

I found something interesting.
I encountered in Shire a horse.
Its description said that this horse is not quite tamed.
Would be possible to tame it?
Because I would like to try that if I find it the next time.

What is the difference between a pack horse and a trained horse?
They are on sale in the pet shop.
I bought a pack horse.

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Some quests are more difficult to find than others because the rewards are greater. Most quests, especially for newbies/lowbies will be triggered once you walk into the room as the same NPC. A few quests teach you herblores which allows you to create potions which give you various boosts. For quests like these, you sometimes need to ask the NPC about a herblore. There will be clues scattered around them/on them which will point to him being able to teach you something.

Wolves are considered a pest around cities and thus their furs are not sellable at regular traders. You must bring them to the town secretary (the one who gives you citizenship) and give him/her the furs. You will be compensated for your service to the city.

Various horses are more difficult to control than others and some are stronger than others. A trained horse can carry you farther than a pack horse.  smile

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Lot's of new people logging! smile

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Who teaches the Dodge skill?
Someone wrote on the board in Grey Havens Magic Guilt to learnDodge and Parry skills despite being a mage.
I was killed a few times when I tried to fight solo, so I hope Dodge could help.

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Scout/thief guilds teach dodge. Every major city should have a place for you to practice. And you're correct, it's often helpful to pick up a little dodge, endurance, and parry as a caster to make you a tiny bit sturdier.

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Hello all. My name is Nick, and I am one of the blind players on MUME. I have been playing this game for 15 years now, and still manage to find fun and interesting things to do on this game. There really is something for everyone. If you like quests, there are many quests and puzzles to solve with well written, descriptive text. If you like learning and exploring new areas, MUME has over 26,000 rooms with beautifully written descriptions and hidden secrets for you to find. If you like to roll play, You might find MUME's representation of Tolkien's Middle-Earth, with it's huge world, customizable character descriptions, huge list of built-in socials, and ability to create your own customizable emotes with variables for creating targeted socials to be just the thing for your next RP scene. If you like to XP, there are thousands of different mobs for you to grind, or if you want a real challenge, MUME has tuns of unique super mobs (smobs for short) with sophisticated scripted behavior, each one requiring a different strategy to defeat. While there are many fun and awesome people who play MUME, if you're shy or just a bit of a loner, MUME has options for you. Scouts can use their special backstab attack to do massive amounts of damage or bows to shoot an enemy dead solo, casters can learn the charm spell which allows them to exert magical mind control over stupid animals in order to raise their own little personal army, and warriors can either use the bash skill to keep their opponents bashed while they deal massive damage with their strength, or higher mercenaries to join them on their adventuring for dealing more damage than a single person could. Finally, if player verses player is your thing, MUME has the most challenging, risky, exciting, and sometimes rewarding PK action of any Mud I've seen, with 3 levels of difficulty, the good side (elves, half-elves, dwarves, humans, beornings, and of course hobbits), the evil side (Black Numenorean humans, orcs, and trolls), and a rogue band of orcs called zaugurz orcs which all other races will try to kill on sight.
I have written a set of MUSHclient scripts for playing MUME (including sound triggers for important events), along with a text based mapper for playing MUME. For NVDA users, I am also the author of the MUSHclient add-on for NVDA. If anyone would like to try my MUME package you can grab the latest build from the following URL. https://www.dropbox.com/s/u39y28eitxiv2 … e.zip?dl=1. I would appreciate any feedback, ideas, bug reports, etc that people might have regarding this project before I make an official release on the project's GitHub page.
Documentation as well as the latest and greatest source code can be found at the official GitHub page for the project https://github.com/nstockton/mushclient-mume. I highly recommend before attempting to run the client that you read through the documentation section titled installation, and the section below it titled Running MUSHclient With The Mapper if nothing else. The documentation is accessible by jumping to the second heading level 1 on the page. For NVDA, you would do this by pressing the number 1 on the number row above the letters two times.

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[wow], thanks Nick!

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thank you so much Stockton.  I can't wait to get back to middle earth and start playing properly.
I'm really interested to see the areas, various npc's as well as what sorts of things the specialist mobs can do. big_smile

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Sorry for the late reply. There are plenty and new ones are constantly being added.

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Okay I confess I'm a bit late coming to this one but am giving the game a try now, with a view to doing a db page.
I have a hobbit inventively called darco at the moment, but I confess I am feeling a little lost.

I've read the files on the webpage, and the newbie sign in the halls of mandos and the game does sound interesting but I seem to be running into a few things which are mildly confusing.

First, are there any options to set to improve output for screen readers? I still seem to be seeing the ascii map. The one combat I did get into went okay, in terms of speed of text, but on the other hand I was only fighting a rabbit.

I now unfortunately seem to be running into the same problem as I did with diskworld, namely I'm wandering around feeling a little confused not sure what to do.
I have tried talking to npcs but saying "hello" didn't get much of a response from anyone accept uncle Gamgee, indeed I'm rather sorry npcs don't interact more, unless there is some sort of greeting phrase or something that I am missing, I started in The Shire partly because I was hoping to run around doing jobs for hobbits, then move out to more wild teretory  like Bilbo's tookish nephews.

This means I also don't have much by way ofquests to do, or even skills to learn since I'm not exactly sure where guilds are at the moment, though by the same token there is more of the shire to explore. I also wonder if the game has a newbie channel or similar to ask questions of, I couldn't find anything in help.

One thing that did throw me rather is the way the game does not respond to open doors with a direction command, eg, open n, and way that the names of exits are all things like open greendoor with greendoor as one word.

Sorry if these are mildly stupid questions.

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