hey there, guys.
It's me agai nwith a topic with one question. smile
it's about entombed, and really, i'm lost and unskilled smile
I tought trying out some more classes, I sually play as a fighter assassin, this is the most powerfull I've seen, but I recently saw dark saying you must increase your dual wielding skill. what will you get by increasing it?
and the monk, what can it generally do? I saw something like combo but I don't know how to do it. guess it's passive, like assassinate, but how to trigger it? and wat suits monk the best?
thanks all in advance.

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what's that supposed to mean? smile

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Oh dam! goodness knows what happened there, I did write out quite a long post but I don't know what happened to it.
Either way i'll try and do it again.

Duel wield is a passive skill that lets you attack twice. usually if you have one weapon in either hand, the game  will choose one or the other to attack with. The more points in your duel wield skill, the more likely you are to get two swings of your weapon in for each attack, with the skill maxed you'll always get two hits in.

Combo is rather similar, accept that firstly combo only works unarmed, and secondly can let you attack four times.

If you raise combo and iron skin, you end up with some strong attacks, especially if you add assassin into the mix and give the monk critical hits too. Break limb also has it's uses, though I like the monk as a pure attack monster.

The main thing to remember with monk is not to forget to raise iron skin, since otherwise fighting unarmed you just don't have a hard enough hit to get through your enemies, especially deep in the dungeon.

Fighter assassin I'd personally recommend going for critical hits, duel wield, a weapon skill (probably short swords since there are lots of swords around the dungeon and you can always guarantee to get a good one).
Sneak attack is good as it provides both offense and defense.
Assassinate is good if you have anyone in your party who can wrender a target helpless, eg, a bard who can put people to sleep or a brawler who can grapple them.

If you really! want the easiest class combo, I'd recommend necromancer healer, or necromancer druid, preferable with elf or halfelf to get maximum int bonuses.

Iceblast to the head can be a one shot killer (hold 8 when letting it go), and summon bones gives you a constant free ally.

Also, since the main problem with the druid's lightning spell is the risk of creating zombies, necromancer's are great at dealing with those, indeed you can end up with zombie minians, oh and of course a druid's summon animal also gets you another rfree ally.

Healers on the other hand can heal, which is a major! help in some battles, especially if a fighter or other companion is losing a hand.


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Strange, i wrote a post too, but didn't seem to get here.
Guess it's that nasty cyber elf i saw flying around with his magnetic iron wings who's breaking out stuff here.
You suggest me i should leave my monk unarmed? That's pretty easy smile and how the combo works? If you can explain more i'd appreciate.
There are lots of secrets and classes i didn't got the hang out, so if you could help i'd appreciate again. My longer, and more well written text seems to be a nice lunch for the elf now.
Thanks i'n advance, will take the time to reedit it tomorow morning when i wake smile

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Lol, dam those cyber elves! big_smile.

Okay, I'll try and give a bit more detail on how combo works.
Usually when you attack unarmed you hit once or ttwice with your fists for each attack. When you raise combo, you have more chance of hitting four times, with your fists and feet.
So when you press attack and select a target you'll get in four hits if you have raised combo.

the only problem with fighting unarmed, is that even if you raise the unarmed skill to increase your damate when attacking without weapons, obviously your enemies wear armour and in Entombed the hardness of the armour (or indeed the enemy's own skin), decreases the amount of damage you do. This is why your wolf becomes next to useless on lower floors, because even though the wolf itself levels up and hits harder and more accurately, it's teeth don't get any harder meaning than round about floor 15 it fails to do much damage at all.

This is where iron skin comes in. It makes your monk's unarmed attacks have the same sort of hardness as weapon attacks. That is why you need both iron skin unarmed and! combo if your playing a monk.


I will say in Entombed not all the jobs are equal, and certainly not all the race/job combinations, indeed a major skill in entombed is being able to make the most of what you get,
Still if your not sure about jobs feel free to ask as I have experimented with all of them.

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yeah, I saw him putting a mini saw yesterday near my laptop! damn, they really are a nuisance if you don't give them magnetized robotic candyes! big_smile
oh, so this is how it works... and combining a monk with a barbarian will be a good one, I think. thanks for the offer
my save now contains one human fighter assassin
one elf thief adventurer
and one gnome fighter monk
gnomes are really fragile, as I saw.
yeah, the wolf becomes really useless, but it can, sometimes change the battle to your bidding.
it's sad a game like entombed didn't continue progressing onward, I really have lots of ideas the developer can put into the game. and that dungeon creator they wanted to work really would made entombed really challenging
thanks for the tip for monk. i'l just play entombed on this laptop too, and maibe I will get something cool from a monk barbarian.

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Well magnitised robotic seets work, though I prefer to use a blow torch, that is fairly good for dealing with troublesome cyber elves big_smile.

As regards your party.
thief and adventurer are both rather weak jobs imho.
In combat terms thief is a cut priced assassin, with no assassinate, a sneak attack that can be only levelled up to 3, and a dodge skill which doesn't activate enough to be useful.   adventurer is less than handy in combat while whips are damaging, they're very rare in the dungeon.

The adventurer's find secrets skill is  like a locate secrets scroll, however even if you find a hidden chest there is a good chance it is locked and the only way of unlocking it is to use the thief's pick locks skill, which (even when levelled up to five), may or may not work, for a chest which may or may not contain something good.

All in all it's a large expenditure of skill points rather uncertain benefits, indeed, this is one area where entombed couldn't done with more work, chests and secrets more part of the game.

if the game throws you something like a gnome or Halfling fighter you have two choices. You can either make them a fighter assassin and try to get some killing milage out of them, since they can be relatively okay attackers even if they can't take much damage (and after all the assassin's sneak attack is also a good defence), or you can go with one  less physically inclined technique based classes such as bard or wanderer.

Wanderer's can learn observe from dungeon creeps which can be really useful, since it's essentially a party member, also the two abilities from bosses are fun to play with, namely breathe fire from the drake and combine from catastrophe, (though again this is an area where it would've been nice to have a little expantion of the

Bards are imho the best technique class in the game, since they have soothing song whichn put enemies to sleep, and siren song which can make enemies fight on your side, both of which are pretty dam awesome! they then have mending song which is a constant regeneration ability for all of your party.
While not great attackers, having a bard putting enemies to sleep and an assassin with a raised assassinate skill almost makes the game too easy (I once killed Ogmok in one hit with an assassinate sneak attack while he was asleep).

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