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This is my first post on the forum, so please excuse me. My name is Amit and I'm from India. I can see a little, but it's not enough to even see colors or play games without screen readers. So while playing these audio games here, I got an inspiration and now I'm trying to learn coding to make my own first game. I'm aware about BGT, but can anyone suggest more ways to create games? for example, there are many game engines out there such as unitty, unreal engine, cry, game maker etc etc. but I don't know how much usable they are. Again, please excuse if this wasn't the right place to post this topic, but since it has developer questions, I thought I should post it in the developers room. A part of this, I wish to know you all and make some friends!
Oh by the way, how to change this "shades of nuby" thing?

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Hello Amit and welcome to the forum.  While it is unusual to see someone diving right into the action and writing their first post in the developer's room, I don't find it altogether inappropriate given a fair amount of the subject matter as you wisely outlined in your post.
Your shades of newby flag will vanish after you've spent some time posting out here, to be replaced by one of our other flags that all deal with wordplays on various audio games that have been released over the years; that one in particular references a game called Shades of Doom.  These flags are simply a way of showing roughly how many posts you've made.  As you can clearly see if you scroll up, moderators and administrators have flags that reflect their status and their job on this forum.
We sincerely hope you enjoy yourself here and please, feel free to continue asking questions.  I'm no developer, but I'm fairly certain someone will more than likely provide more information you're looking for.

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thanks for welcoming me here. Well, when I saw some of the posts here with various flags, I thought what flag title will I choose. I really thought something but now this lol.  Anyway, Some big developers like Sam Tupy (sorry if I spelled it wrong) and others are here, and I'm really looking forward to hear from them. I have a question, are the post timings correct or do I need to turn on day light time saving?

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Hello Amit and welcome to the family. big_smile
I'm also no programmer, but I have experiences with testing games, so I'll be glad to help you as soon as you have a playable material. There are many developers choosing python, but it is a matter of experimenting.
Best regards, Haramir.

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hi, help me, i want creat post and topic.

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There are a few language choices available depending on your preferences, such as PureBasic, C/C++, C#, Python, or BGT. Unfortunately many of the engines you mentioned aren't accessible, although there has been some headway with Unity, check the "Make unity 3d accessible" thread for more details on that. I generally recommend Python for beginners because of its easy to learn syntax and abundance of tutorials, though I would encourage you to try out the other languages mentioned and see how you feel about them. When learning to program picking a language your comfortable with is often more important that what language it is, as all programming languages share certain similarities that can make it easier to learn others.

To start a topic go into a section, like the Developers or Off-Topic room's, in the upper right corner is a link titled "Post new topic", clicking on that will open a page where you can create a new topic with a title and message you can post.

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