4 hours ago my account.
But there is a link to my email.

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Hi Mahdi,

appologies it toke so long. your account has been activated right now.

greetz mike

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thanks, your game is weri good!

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please read this message completely

Hi all,

This message is to announce that the murder mode has just been started.

This are the rules:

1. don't kill others apart from the 8 created accounts for this purpose. Doing so, will result in deduction of mmp points and occasionally can result in a official warning.
2. when you have killed one of the eigth, report this to pelantas and he will verify the kill. Please do this when you want to get rewarded, otherwise the mmp won't be added to your account.

Should you get killed by another member, send an email to:

[email protected]

And i will give you your health back and punish the killer.

The prizes will be rewarded at the start of the new round, the prizes are:

1st 500 credits, 7 vipdays
2nd 400 credits, 7 vipdays
3rd 300 credits, 7 vipdays
4th 200 credits, 7 vipdays
5th 100 credits, 7 vipdays

Look at the 8 created victims at the mmp standings page.

When any questions arrise, don't hesitate to send pelantas a message.

enjoy and good luck.

greetz pelantas

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