@Shrike, if your ring aren't helping, maybe  time for some new blood?

Generally the first thing to do in the game is reorganize the ring. it's usually a good idea to try and get  ring member for each statistic such as bargaining, combat, custom etc, I tend to think of these  ministers big_smile.

It's also a good idea to have 7 gods represented if you can, but if the choice is having 7 gods or a crappier person who will be  expert in some aspect of clan life, I usually go with expertees over religion.

Also bare in mind though that there are occasions when either a clan member doesn't know about a specific thing, or will just give a flippent answer (especially if they're a worshipper of the trickster god).

While I agree with Zcline that turning back at the  sight of misfortune is a bad idea, at the same time the game can become rather depressing if you have constant disaster and nothing goes right.
if your forming a  though your probably on the right track, just remember you cant' please everyone, and also remember that you don't necessarily have to go to be  of the tribe first time around, especially if you have an inexperienced chief, after all time is generally on your side.

Also, if your playing the short game after being king you'll need to complete three heroquests in 10 years which is a difficult task, especially if your chief isn't up to things, so you might want to wait and let your clan expand  amd grow a bit, and your ring get some experience first.

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sorry guys I have another question relating forming a tribe,

I completed the storm tribe quest about 10 in game years now have about 8 alliances and still no tribe has formed.

must I do more hero quests in order for a tribe to form? also which quests should I do, is there a specific order?  would rather do the easier quests if possible.

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First, check your reputation. If your reputation is at %100, king, then you know it's time for a tribe.
You will get an encounter which tells you when it's time to make a tribe.

Founding a tribe isn't actually a matter of alliances (though those really help), you'll find out when you start the process, be prepared for lots of bargaining big_smile.

As to heroquests, Making of the storm tribe and ernalda feeds the tribe are the two easiest imho, steer clear of the sundefender quest and the euralda and the cow's quest (the cow goddess's quest is a real pest).

One quest you will have to perform to finish the short game is orlanthe and Duroga. You start out with knolidge of this one so no need for extra sacrifices to Orlanthe (that was a mistake I made in one game).

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thanks Dark,  I am playing the long game and my reputation is at 100%, although I seem to be having massive issues with the chaos people and my clan mood is grim at the moment.    hopefully I will get a tribe soon.

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The encounter should show up if you've performed making of the storm tribe successfully.
For the chaos people, as a hint Orlanthe's brother, the bull god orox really! doesn't like chaos big_smile.

It's actually something you need to consider, since encounters with chaos people can be very destructive indeed.

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I completed my 2nd quest ernalda feeds the tribe and still the tribe has not formed,

I think I choose the wrong selections about 10 years ago after I completed the storm tribe quest, if that's the case will I get another chance to form it? or should I restart the game a fresh.

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