Well, once my schoolwork tapers down I'll certainly spin this game up again and go at it for real.

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Also, what new accessibility features are coming down the pike for the doxt update? Any words about that?

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Is any kind of accessibility coming at all?

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Hmm. Fair question; From haven't delved deep into the topic, honestly.

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Given that the API for accessibility has only just been unveiled really, it's unlokely that anything will happen for a little while.  But that's not to say it won't happen at all.

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Still, the rbdb.online site has given me plenty to go through and buy for my library for ps4.

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I'm now really excited. It looks like the songs from the Rock Band vr game are, indeed, going to be coming to the main Rock Band 4 game as well, starting this week!
So we've got rock band rewind and rock band vr stuff going on, [wow]. And between rock band and the newly announced dropmix which is a completely different thing but [wow] it sounds interesting, I think harmonix are on a role lately, accept for SingSpace which just seems... odd.

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Update: three rock band vr tracks this week:
Kings of Leon - Use Somebody
Mumford and Sons - I Will Wait (more on that below)
One Republic - Counting Stars
I purchased I Will Wait out of this set, and I'm impressed. It sounds like they are using masters, everything sounds really clear.

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Hi all,
Just to help others, does anyone have a menu guide for this game, especially for things like the store menu? Here's what I know so far, although even this is actually really sketchy and I don't know if I Got everything!
main menu:
This menu does not rap, meaning that if you are at the top and you press up, nothing will happen.
Play Songs (your cursor is on this by default)
Get More Songs
Extras (or is it options?)
Training (I put this with a big question mark, I don't know the name)
Play songs:
Quickplay (ou start on this after going into play songs): takes you to song list.
Play a Show

Song list:
This actually has quite a few extra options that you can activate with different buttons, and I do not know what they are at this time. But what I do know is:
When highlighting a song, tapping the green on guitar, or x on the ps4 controller, or a on the xbox one controller, will select it. Holding down this button, will enter setlist mode directly.
My Stats
I don't know the rest in this menu, I get confused as to where rockudrama and tour mode are.
Get More Songs:
I knwo the second option in this menu is new releases which will preview songs automatically, but I do not for the life of me know the rest of the options because I forgot to write them down!
Extras/options: I don't know.
If you are with guitar, you get:
practice mode: takes you to song list
Freestyle Guitar Solos easy tutorial
Freestyle guitar solos advanced tutorial
Freestyle mode: takes you to song list and just lets you do an entire song in the freestyle engine, which can have quite varying results!
I'm sorry I can't currently be of more help, but if anyone can help out please do!

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