I've been looking for a solution with maps in BGT for a long time. I settled on dictionaries. But:
I saw in many discussions that these cards need to be downloaded. How does this happen?
And yet maybe someone will share an example of the map? Can be 1D or 2D.
Thanks in advance!

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Hi there
There is one key mistake you are making with bgt right away, annd I don't mean using it.
The first issue any bgt programming slams against is "can I have code x?" The answer is no.
If you can find a developer, bar myself, who is willing to sit down and say alright mate, this is the code for maps. This is what this does, this is what that does... I will be surprised.
That's not to say BGT coders are an unfriendly bunch, its more a point of fact, we tought ourselves, why can't you.
That being said, I personally recommend arrays[usually multi level arrays] that contain the mmap.
string[][] map;

Then you want to create a map itself. lets try this:
int x;
int y;
// these are variables you'll need. I'm a traditionalist, shoot me.
for(x=0; x<10; ++x) {
for(y=0; y<10; ++y) {

And there you have it, a ten by ten 2d map!

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