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If you don't Visit the New releases room of the forum often, you might very well be missing out on a lot of things. The last month or so has been extremely fruitful in terms of new games coming out, many of which are once again translations from other languages. So whether you're into arcade, strategy, first person shooting or role playing you'll probably find something interesting.

And so in no particular order we first have Return of the King from the Chinese company Dadi Technology, a first of its kind in the audio gaming scene MMO RPG. You can be one of several classes, like sword wielding warriors, magic using masters, zombie spawning summoners or marksmen hunters who can use firearms. You can level up your character by completing quests and killing various enemies, which will give you more skills. You also have the option of buying mounts, crafting weapons, teaming up with other people for team quests, engaging in PVP and more.
The game is still in the process of being translated into English although the entire interface and most items and quest descriptions have already been completed. With more updates being planned introducing character alignment and a marrige system, it's definitely one to check out if you're willing to read and learn a lot in the beginning. It's also a big part why the news section of the site has been pretty quiet... At least for my part. big_smile

One thing Return of the King and the next game I want to bring to your attention, Crafting Kingdom have in common is, well, crafting. Crafting Kingdom is however a completely different game revolving exclusively around crafting items to open up possibilities for crafting even more items. You can buy buildings like farms, quarries and blacksmiths to create various objects which you can sell on the market for gold which you can use to expand your production or upgrade your estate. The game also offers quests requiring you to meet certain goals, completing which will give you additional bonuses like faster production or higher sale prices.
The game is available for free both on iOS and Android and is notable for being the first app made accessible using Michel Martin's new Unity Accessibility plugin.

On the topic of games developped by Mainstream developers, Dark Passenger was just released on the Steam platform. It's a First Person stelf game in which you take control of a blind man trying to survive guided by another misterious man. You'll need to find objects, escape being noticed by guards as well as complete mazes without being killed if you want to complete the game.
Dark Passenger is still in early Access and so the developer is still looking for feedback which you can leave in the forum thread linked above.

If you're a fan of the endless runner or arcade genres, take a look at Mine racer from 2MB solutions in which you are driving down a mine in a cart, trying to avoid sudden death by ducking stalagtites and jumping pits while picking up coins scattered all along the way. Mac and Linux users will be happy to hear the game is available for their platform in addition to Windows. You can name your own price for the game from a minimum of $5 or check out a free demo. If you buy the game, you will also get access to its source code.

And finally, if you're into multiplayer card and strategy games, there's a new gaming platform in town,
Coming to us from Russia, it stands out by offering some social features, full support for graphics, integrated voice chat as well as a few interesting games not available anywhere else such as Age of Heroes or Soccer, with twists to well known games like 1000 Miles designed to make the game not stretch out as long by offering things like playing with multiple decks.

And this is not all. A few games have received major updates, the Quentin C's Playroom now has the Quiz Party game in English, allowing you and your friends to pit yourselves in a general knowledge trivia, The recently open-sourced Three-D velocity has just regained its Multiplayer support with the Server also Getting the Github treatment, and finally Rhythm Rage now allows Pack makers to build interactive Tutorials, with a new official pack coming out taking advantage of this as well.

With a few big releases on the Horizon, such as A Inquisitor roguelike or the successfully funded A Heroes Call which promices to be a dream come true for many gamers, there's definitely a lot to look forward to this year!

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Sadly i'm not able to try Crafting kingdom until i get my phone working again.

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the link from Dark Passenger is the link of the Crafting Kingdom.
can you change the link?

sorry my english, is not my native language.

2017-04-30 17:11:11

Fixed, thanks.

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Very nice job with the news thumbs up for that actually you pre-empted me a little there big_smile. ,

In terms of translation there is also now the first translated Cog title, Choice of the dragon now translated into Spanish, see the appropriate topic in new releases for further details, you may consider adding details of that while your discussing game translations, as if Choiceofgames get enough positive response about those, they will offer more translations of their titles in the future, which would obviously be a good thing for none English speakers.

either way, great news post.

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