I have heared from some one, that harry potter quidditch game is fully playable for the blind.
I have tried to play pc version of this game, but I dont have any idea, how to play this game and how this game can be playable for us.
If you have played this game, do any recording, I am interested to play this game.

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I don't know any other blind people who play this game, and I also can't see how plaable it can be.

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Then, please ask the person you have heard this rumor from how the game is played by blind gamers. If that's true, the person must show us how to do it. smile

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This sounds like a very visual game, I'm not sure how any blind person would be able to play it. However if this is playable, I would love to find out how. I love the game in the harry potter books and movies.

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nah, you can't play that game I tried years ago

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Hi played this game 7 or 8 years ago. Knowing the butons that you have to use (the mouse and three or four keys) you can play with a 100% of accesibility and win matches.

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