When scanning the BSC games keygen before using it, via Windows defender, it rightly recognised it as a hacking tool, namely a keygen.  However, when I examined the foder a little more closely, I discovered a file that I didn't remember seeing when I used it previously, namely a file called SerialCode_web.dll".  I wondered, first, if there's anything to worry about specifically, and why that file is there.

I'm just curious and don't want to end up either breaking soemthing or being unaware of additional elements when I use this keygen.

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I don't remember this spacifically. I used the generator a while back to get some bsc games going and it didn't hurt my computer. Maybe google the dll to see what it is? If google doesn't return anything, it might mean the thing you got did have a virus in it.

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No, its part of the program.
I know because back in the day I brought the expensive package from official source when it was on the official source.
It was in the archive I extracted.
The only thing I need to do, is turn off msse, install then hide the pipe folder and the pipe classic program file itself then turn it back on.
If its still doing this in defender though for that file you can submit files now and maybe we need to do this to get it removed.
It does this with some gmagames now to.
The way I have gotten round is to exclude my entire backup drive program folder, my entire blindsoftware and gma games folders in program files and anything else I find it may find bad.
But its really a short term solution I have never found a fix for.
It makes the problem go away, but it doesn't really fix it if there ever were a virus in those locations.
Ie its like a few months back with a system with a busted supply and a mangled ram stick.
Windows was being really bad.
Upgraded video card and suddenly it all went mental, replaced the power and cleaned it out.
It sort of fixed it but not quite.
A good reformat made the problem go away.
A good reformat will always make all the problems go away but it won't fix a phisical issue or a problem that is not reallly part of any broken software package just mangled windows.
Since windows can get mangled, a good reformat unmangles it but doesn't stop a badly behaving program from mangling it yet again requiring another reformat to fix.
We did manage to fix that system but a problem still exists somewhere within it and not been able to fix that.
If your virus checker says something is bad, exclude it and it will go away ofcause if it is bad then you have a problem.
The problem has gone away and I can continue with my life but it isn't solved by a long shot.

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