This is a collection of forum oddities I (Draco) have encountered....

1. Certain topics do not load by hitting enter or clicking on them, for instance the serious security one in this area doesn't load up if I try to open it directly. I have to open it with control enter.

2. The forum keeps marking read posts and topics as unread. For instance, I go to a multi page topic. Start at page 1, read down to post 25 (is there a way to actually change the number of posts per page?)) , go to page 2 and 3 and so on, then if I click on new posts when it comes up, I'm back to page 1 again despite having scrolled past every post in a topic

3. Redirected to other topics. This has only happened once, but I clicked on a topic and got redirected to another topic in the same area, it has only happened once however.

4.PM weirdness: I've run into this a few times. If I hit PM from the bottom of a post and try to send a PM, with a subject and message....sometimes it simply acts as if I never put anything in the boxes, despite the fact I have.


Oh, one more: Is there a theme that's simpler to use than the default one as it's a lot of tabbing around to get to where I want to go.

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This is weird, it's showing your username as Slender.

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That's already a known issue though, the others are just as weird, I had to open this topic a new window to get it to load up, hitting enter refreshed the page

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