@Wastelander: Oh! You meant a different Harlaw bug. Oops. Well yeah, that bug with Harlaw mining company can happen if the rebels protect them and you go remove the rebel garrison. It is still protected by rebels, all be it with no soldiers, and you have no way to change this, even if you wipe out the rebels altogether.

Ah... I won't go too hard into it yet then smile at the minute I'm discovering strategies and seeing what works for building up a decent kingdom.

@Bashue, they're only supposed to be options if you're a evil or demonic kingdom... I think.

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427 (edited by Wastelander 2017-04-12 22:02:38)

@Bashue, You've definitely found some bugs but they're not what you think, 8 is demonic laws and 9 is evil laws, to see the demon option you have to start out as a demon king and to unlock 9 you have to have a public opinion of 0 or below, the issue is that I had only blocked them from being visible options but apparently you could still just type 8 or 9 and go to them, the reason why to you they appear as the same is because your public opinion is probably above 0, there's code that runs to check if your public opinion is greater than 0 and blocks you from accessing the menu but passes you to the next one, so I've fixed that! smile And same with the demon totems, the option shouldn't be displayed as you are clearly not a demonic king in the playthrough you were playing, so three bugs found!

The wastes and warsim were coded in C++ through codeblocks smile

Thanks for the comment!

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Greetings Wastelander.

True you can become a demon king randomly at startup but I definitely think it should be possible to become one during a human playthrough. What I'm thinking is to be able to speak to the demons guarding the gate and they'll tell you what to do in order to transform. They could tell you to sacrifice a certain number of peasants to the lava and to the totems. Also, you may have to dye yourself in order to become a demon; the reason being that only the spirit can hold the demonic essence and if you were still in your body, it would burn up for good. Also, you'll want a servant for when you arise from death; a ghoul and your old body would serve nicely for that. Another way to demonhood is to dye, become an undead and regain your mental faculties by killing a certain amount of enemies and later, pillaging and conquering their lands.

Kind regards, Amin Abdullah.

I love Erica and Giselle with all my heart, mind, soul, strength and entire being. If they allow me to do so and if it is within my power to so do, then I will do all in my power to make them prosper. I give them my love.

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@Bashue, That's an awesome idea, I'd like to be able to become a demon worshipper and beg for forgiveness from the demon overlord, maybe you have to make a pillgrimage to the demon overlords tower just like when you are attacking the realm

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Hey guys, todays update focuses a little more on the west, adding a new area, some fixes and a lot of colouration where there wasn't any, Also now trade posts can be a thing in procedural building generation and when you attack an independent kingdom it shows you some buildings, also I've added new pacifist races who will not attack anyone, only defend!


* Added special graphic when attacking an independent kingdom
* Added the Great High-Trees of Songwood to the west exploration
* Added Pacifist Races who do not attack anyone
* Added Harmless Races who do not attack anyone
* Added trade post building to possible independent buildings (+gold per turn)


* Fixed Demonic laws bug (Credit Bashue)
* Fixed Evil laws bug (Credit Bashue)
* Fixed Demon totem bug (Credit Bashue)
* Fixed ascii free version face showing up bug
* Fixed songwood graveyard visitable before discovered bug
* Fixed 6 broken spacing tiles


* Coloured Hlok Mine
* Coloured Songwood Graveyard
* Coloured Songmakers Hut
* Coloured Lava Pit
* Coloured the four demon totems in the south
* Coloured Order of roses citadel


* Added 4 new tilesets
* Updated holy order layout

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431 (edited by truecraig 2017-04-15 14:30:02)

@Wastelander: I don't know if I've accidentally really angered my great general by not letting him retire, but I'm getting my butt handed to me when I really shouldn't be. Here's the result when I sent around 4k soldiers, a couple of hundred knights and some bandits at a pest group of around a couple of hundred.

the skirmish was a failure and your men were slain
(Pests Losses : 0)
(your Losses : 4858)
(Enemy has 169 men remaining)

I outmatch them in every way and even used the fruit.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here? I'm really, really unpopular if that makes any difference.

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@truecraig, [wow], that sounds like a bug, I'll note that down

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Hi Wastelander

Managed to get my friend into your game as well, no small feat considering that he doesn't like most games any more...
We were both wondering about the vassalization process, specifically what state is required for a kingdom to be eligible to be turned into one.
It doesn't seem to be based on your units/land/gold VS theirs, nor on your faction rating.
I thought it might have something to do with the amount of time you've been allies, but it seems to vary considerably.

Also, I'd like to report a few smallish bugs.

First, the Monford mine: It seems that you can dig for more ore just like you can with the Shallowrock mine, but only when you haven't put any peasants in yet, after you do that the option no longer shows up.

Second, the Thickblood Tavern: There are two problems that I've noticed; the first is that when you go into the upgrades menu, it looks like your also going into the bandit menu, and the second is that every time you do something in that menu, you get pushed back out into the main menu for the tavern again, but that second one may be purposeful I don't know.
Third, When you play any of the two chance games where you bet your life for riches, you can easily just restart from your last save, and I feel that it would make more sense if your save was deleted.  Harsh I know, but otherwise what's the real risk?

I also noticed allot of spelling errors and small mistakes in the descriptions for each race and animal, as well as in the names of a couple of race sub classes. I would have just corrected them my self, but I doubt you would want to take such an important set of files and add it to the next release without knowing what little values I may have changed by accident. tongue

Anyway, I'm really liking this game, and I hope to see the ability to take vassalized kingdoms with you into the next continent in some fashion, instead of destroying them, as well as some of those exciting sounding new areas.

This... -- Is CNN'.
Well Ted, it sure looks like there's been uh, quite a bit of violence around here
"aaoh, that violence was terrible'!"
Yeah it was, pretty bad.

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Greetings all.

True in game terms it may be a bug but not in roleplaying terms. What if the general was so displeased with you that he started working for your enemies but due to his superb skills, you would never suspect his defection? The enemy could have also employed divine aid ensuring they are invincible for the duration of the battle.

Kind regards, Amin Abdullah.

I love Erica and Giselle with all my heart, mind, soul, strength and entire being. If they allow me to do so and if it is within my power to so do, then I will do all in my power to make them prosper. I give them my love.

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@bashue: I suspected as much. So I've allowed him to retire. He now enjoys a prime spot atop a pike outside the Grand Palace of Aslona smile

@Wastelander: If it helps track it down, this more seems to happen against anyone that you can't skirmish/raid/invade, so the undead and the pests are the two teams I've had this happen against. I thought at first it was just the undead being pretty badass, but I sent around 5k at them and they still didn't take any losses. Sending merc groups doesn't seem to suffer the same problem, I think because you can choose to skirmish, raid or invade those opponents. Just an observation.

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I notice that for me after a while, my income after gold spent was not being correctly added to my total. Like I'd pay everyone 1000000, earn 10000000, and somehow the amount of money I had would only be 2000000 greater. Also I had like a billion in the bank, but somehow it all disappeared and I could no longer deposit money. Other than those two things though, really like what's been done so far. Can't wait to see what comes next!

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A suggestion from me: Maybe a nice feature would be that several characters in the game have an own daily life with things they do automatically as well or they could do such optionally. Daily life tasks i mean. Maybe that could be a nice addition.

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@Niklas: Considering each turn is a year/season, I don't know if day to day tasks would factor in. What sort of things are you thinking? How mundane are we going here?

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hmm, okay. I don't know how to implement this, in this case it could be difficult or impossible. Was just a suggestion to make the charakters even more life like.

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@Defender, thanks for sharing the game with your friend, I'm glad they like it, with vassilisation the criteria is that your total force strength is at least 3 times greater than theirs, its been changed a lot, before it was based on total population but I realized that wasn't fair when my kingdom of 100 peasants could vassalize a kingdom of 50 Giant titans who could kill 1000 men each, so its based on battlescore, if you have 2000 peasants with 50 battlescore each, your strength is 100000, but a kingdom with 400 elite dwarvern reavers with 250 battlescore will still be better.

If their battlescore is 1000, yours needs to be 3000, this is coming from rough memory though as I haven't coded that part of the game in a while smile

Also those spelling errors, please share them with me and I'll fix them


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@Bashue, Haha that would be an interesting thing to consider in the future, rebellious generals!

@Truecraig, Hmm, usually have no issue with those factions so I'll look into it and try and replicate that bug! thanks

@Dranelement, Thanks! Should be more updates coming soon, and strange with the money, all I can think it is could be a bug with the maximum numbers that you can get

@Niklas, perhaps when the game does more in the personal rpg direction as well (kind of becoming 2 games in 1) we can have a massive world of active npcs doing all kinds of things in the game world, but for now as truecraig pointed out there would be no opportunity to use that if coded smile good suggestion though keep it up, I like your suggestions because they are out of the box and this is what I need to make the game even better!

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442 (edited by Niklas 2017-04-22 19:22:44)

ah okay. Do I understand you right that you plan to add more things on the RPG side to the game in the future? I think an RPG and strategy mix would be great. Then, suggestions like quests and such would even fit better. But I think to add RPG elements will make the game even more interesting, that is, if I understood you right so that you even want to add RPG things yourself.

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@Niklas, the eventual plan for the game is for the player to begin as an individual npc, the game will go by day by day and you will live in the world of warsim, you could be any random character, for example a peasant living in a village on the outskirts of the capital, you go out, buy an axe with your savings and become a woodsman, then you head out and chop wood, you have a run in with a pack of wolves but get saved by a passing knight, you loot the wolves corpses and skin them, bring them back to the village and trade your wood and game for more money, you keep this up for a while finding all sorts while wood cutting including a dead soldier, you eventually have enough money to buy a house within the city walls and you sell your house in the village, in the city life is much busier, you work as an assistant shopkeep for a weapons merchant, occassionally heading out and returning to woodcutting on some days, you eventually build up enough gold to buy your own market stall where you sell odds and ends you have collected, after a while you hire a staff member to run this themselves and you begin training as a fighter, you join one of the larger local houses of nobility and work your way up, they are House Rhen, Though doing quests and general tasks for the House over the course of several game months you become an anointed knight of House Rhen and end up sitting at the nobility table where you and the other nobles discuss stratergies for growing the houses power, in the weeks to come House Rhen begins a hostile invasion of the territories of the other houses within the city walls, taking over their businesses and launching sneak attacks on their manors, the town guard lock the city down for a while and House Rhen lays low, but you have an in, one of the high ranking members of house Rhen has a cousin who is one of the captains of the city watch, with his help you incriminate one of the rival houses in all of the attacks and the King Decrees them outlaws, their holdings and split between the other houses and House Rhen is more powerful than before, you are now nominated for leading house Rhen, there are two other candidates, your co-conspirators during the previous campaigns, you decide you do not want to leave it to chance and hire a local assassin in a tavern to kill them both, the deed is done and you are declared leader by default, House Rhen is yours and you begin your reign as ruler of the house. You spent a great deal of time growing the financial side of the house, building business and you have done before, setting up deals with other guilds, even working on behalf of the crown, the whole city grows more prosperous but you more than any other, rumours even spread that House Rhen is wealthier than the crown, this does not go down well with the king and he orders House Rhen to divide into five smaller houses to curb its power, but the King, O' the fool, is far too late, with the masses of gold at House Rhen's disposal they have hired three mercenary armies and bribed half the city guard and several local armies to turn on the crown, the battle is a short one as most of the kings men surrender, the King is cut down on his throne and you are installed in his Place, some flee when you are crowned, many opponents of House Rhen band together with the loyalists who remain loyal to the previous king, these men form a rebellion and begin trying to unhinge your power from within, meanwhile you have other things to worry about now, you have been informed by your new diplomat Old Croll that one of the far off kingdoms of Goblins has launched an attack on your lands... and thus begins WARSIM!

So of course, this is one of 10000s of scenarios that could happen, I want the game eventually to be a massive simulated sandbox of being a peasant in a fantasy world, you could do anything but you will most likely not succeed like the character above, perhaps you get mauled by wolves at the start, perhaps while running your stall a theif kills you, perhaps you die on one of your quests for house Rhen, perhaps the Rhen conspiracy fails and the house is destroyed and you must go into exhile!

I want all this to be possible but it will take a whole pile more work than warsim ever did haha!

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[wow], this sounds very interesting. I hope that the plan makes it into the game at some point, I would realy look forward to this. BTW: some minecraft like elements could be implemented in this as well, for example crafting items of materials and such. That will be cool, keep it up.

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I found a bug. When I try'd to load the save'd game, my screen reader says my save.txt contane 2 extra variables.
Any help...

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If the game reaches that point...I'm probably one of those playing it all day, lol.:)

My sskype : mars.bhuntamata, add away buddy. If you think you are crazy, I am as well. I may be even crazier, who knows.

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Hi all. First of all, i'd like to congratulate for Wastelander again for this game, this is great. Second, i recently was a demon king, and didn't get the thing why my peoples keep fleeing the kingdom, every turn i had less and less people. But my main thing is this.: Is there a way how we can translate this game into other languages? Of course i could translate the txt files easily, just wondering of the game interface. I have a friend, and she's not that good at english, and thought that i could show   her the game.

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@Mata, I will be the same, I have always wanted a game like that, I planned to have cities in the wastes be the same before the crash!

@danang137, hmm I will look into that! thanks

@Niklas, absolutely! I would love to be a hunter and after killing a wolf crafting his hide into a fine wolf skin coat, his teeth into a wolf-tooth necklace or gauntlet, maye even making wolfbone arrow shoots out of his ribcage, then selling the wolfheart eyes ect to a local mage or witch

@Arnold, almost all of the non-random text is hardcoded, would love to get it translated but it would be hard

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It was just an idea, don't know when i'd have time for that, i love playing warsim instead of translating smile By the way, i'm lazy to start a new topic for a small question, so sorry for that. Do the ammo have some use in the wastes? I have a load of it and i just found swords and like that.

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450 (edited by Wastelander 2017-04-25 21:21:21)

The biggest editions of the update are the new lines of dialogue recorded for the demon overlord, when you defeat him in his realm and can ask him questions this new update adds voiced lines for him, the first character in the game to ever have a voice! Check it out


* MASSIVE VAMPIRE FACE OVERHAUL (2565x as many faces as before!) (was 190'080 faces now 487'555'200!)
* Added over 4 million new elven faces (4'384'800)
* Added Random Face generator (creates monstrosities with 6'086'012'052'314'203'966'656 total possibilities!!!) 6 sextillion!
* Added 15 lines of recorded dialogue for the demonic overlord in the demon realm


* Fixed my the text bug


* Added stray demon throne room encounter
* Added peasant wants soldier to help defend his farm (credit u/muramas)
* Added random outcome bandit raid encounter
* Added old man wants to see you before he dies (credit u/PJvG)


* Updated dialogue for who made you demonic
* Coloured old northern carving
* Added 12 new roof tiles

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