Does anyone have any suggestions on screenreader accessible flash video downloader apps, either browser plugins, or stand-alone?
This is for a non-standard website (sportscanada.tv). I have tried Pontes with no luck. Anything that's accessible with any browser, any screenreader, on PC, Mac, iOS or Android would be great. Something that doesn't leave watermarks and is not time limited. Free is obviously preferred, but will pay if it's accessible.
If not, any screen recording software that you've found to be screenreader friendly would be great.


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As for screen recorder you can use Camtasia  or Fraps http://www.fraps.com/. They are the top 2 screen capture software i have ever knows. The camtasia has a higher video output quality while fraps has a high frame rate. Or if you want to capture some demonstration video, for example, record a powerpoint video, you can use WebEx. The output will be WRF which cannot be played on Windows Media Player and VLC. You will need to convert it to MP4, as you can see in:http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/ti … o-mp4.html, too difficult. I think Fraps is the simplest by comparison

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