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Ahoy all.

I ended up getting the J7 prime with 32gb internal storage and 3gigs of ram, however it did turn out to be a dud because the only reason I bought a samsung phone instead of any others I was considering was because of Voice assistant, which the j7 prime doesn't offer at all.

All that aside, I have been looking for suggestions on apps and getting started tips.

Afrin has been helping me out loads as regards all this but he isn't using android atm so its also a bit of legwork for him I'd guess.

So any tips or apps that you'd recommend? things I should do not do? change or leave them be?

I do have a few questions that I can think of as I write this,so here goes.

Android has been prone to many security issues and viruses malware and the like,so what if any antiviruses or the like would people recommend?
Is VLC accessible with talkback?

Any download managers or the like that might be good for when downloading movies etc?

Oh yes.
not to be blunt or anything ,but.. Is there a fix for the shitty keyboard typing as it is currently?
Right now sliding around the screen without even lifting up the finger can lead to activation of letters or such leading to stuff being typed in which I did not intend to then of course I have to go back,scrub all the unwanted letters away and write stuff again.
I am hoping its just the samsung keyboard that has this issue and the google keyboard might fix it,but I am not holding out much hope.

Also, anyway to get rid of the preinstalled crap/apps of which I have loads without rooting the phone?
Afrin did point me to one but it removes apps only when the phone is rooted,and otherwise just disables them. which still leaves them with space on the device.


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Hi there,

Your best  place to ask your questions is the Eyes-Free List.
Subscribe via:
[email protected]

Send messages to the list itself via:
[email protected]

BTW, getting a galaxy s7 in June of this year. The J7 2016 I currently has Talkback by default, VA don't exist for the J line, not til the 2017 line up anyway.

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Thank you Trenton,
I am already subscribed to the eyesfree list,but I find using thelist to be a huge pain in the arse. not to mention the posts don't seem to go through as fast as one would like. I posted a topic a week or so ago,and it hasn't been posted yet. still under approval, and  that makes it almost too slow to deal with. lol.
At least here I can post a topic and then reply to it or whatever,and have it on the forums within minutes or seconds,as aposed to a week.


Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been.
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